Best Android Games – January 2017


Android is never without a selection of good mobile games and this month there are quite a few worth checking out, and with it being the weekend in just a few short hours you'll have plenty of time to dive into any new games you decide to take a chance on. Whether you tend to gravitate towards competitive games where you play against others or you enjoy games which have more of a story and focus on single player gameplay, there's always something for everyone. Take a look at the list below and see if anything catches your eye.

Just Slide

Starting things off is Just Slide, a casual arcade game that tasks you with sliding a blob across a line which looks kind of like a plank. This line moves and it's your job essentially to keep from sliding off by adjusting the line's angular position. While this seems like it might be simple it can actually get quite challenging, but you will be rewarded should you advance throughout the game as you can unlock new blobs.


Samurai Chef

This is basically Fruit Ninja cranked up a few notches. It has better visuals but also more gameplay elements, so if you liked Fruit Ninja but you wanted more from it this game will provide it. You can collect new weapons to use for your slicing and dicing and there's a little bit of cooking management mechanics to contend with as well.

Bridge Constructor Portal


Fans of the Portal series will adore this game, as it mixes Portal characters and lore with a different style of puzzle-like gameplay than the standard Portal games. As the name suggests you'll be trying to build bridges to get your guys in the Aperture science lab to the other side of the level and eventually through the portal.


The latest from famed developer Versus Evil and the team behind the popular Banner Saga series is Antihero, a strategy game where you play as a thief who's only goal is to steal everything you can. You can use typical moves like stealth and traps to get you by tough areas and go undetected, and even hire thugs to be part of your guild.



Onmyoji is an RPG game with excellent Anime-style visuals where you face off against your opponents on the board in tactical combat. There is a campaign mode and you can play through the story but you can also play against other real-world players for a bit of a competitive twist. You'll be using the Shikigami characters to do your battles, each of them having their own special abilities and attacks and there are hundreds of them to collect so you can build your perfect team.

HQ Trivia


This one should need no introduction as it's been getting a lot of attention, but for the uninitiated, this is a live trivia game show where you compete against others for real cash prizes. There are a couple of games each day Monday through Friday, and one game on Saturday as well as one game on Sunday. If you win, you can cash your money out via PayPal.


If you like retro graphics and you love post-apocalyptic games, then Ashworld is your ticket to enjoyment this weekend. Not only that, but it's open-world so you can expect that there will be plenty to do and see. The main gameplay style is role playing so there will be story missions and side missions for you to complete, but you can also craft items and gear to help you through your adventure.



Skullgirls is a popular 2D fighting game on PC and other platforms and now you can play it on mobile. Graphics take on a 2D animation style and you have tons of different fighters to unlock and choose from. You'll also be able to advance your fighters with RPG-style progression. Each time you fight you can build a team of up to three fighters too. There are also different game modes, including a training mode to help you learn the game and each fighter's moves. Practice makes perfect.

Sonic Runners Adventure


This might look and feel a bit like a classic Sonic platformer, but it's actually more of a runner that takes on the visual style of classic Sonic The Hedgehog games. There are four different level locations to run through and all the while you'll need to jump to avoid enemies and obstacles to continue, and should you succeed and do well you can unlock other playable characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and more. Characters can be powered up and you can obtain special boost abilities to help you from time to time.

Arena of Valor

Rounding out this list is Arena of Valor, the latest mobile MOBA. This game is published by Tencent, which now owns Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, so those familiar with LoL will likely notice the similarities here. If you like competitive gameplay and you're a fan of the MOBA game style, this is worth checking out. There's already a fair amount of playable heroes, multiple game modes.