Best Android Apps — Super Bowl LII — January 2018


The 52nd Super Bowl is nearly here and you may have already decided on a TV to watch it on or got so lucky that you actually managed to get a ticket for the game. Regardless, the days until the big game are getting fewer but also appear to be longer, so what better way to get through them quicker than relying on some great Android apps? With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the top ten best Super Bowl LII apps one can currently download from the Google Play Store.

NFL Mobile


NFL Mobile is the official and ultimate app for all football lovers, offering news, in-depth analysis, highlights, and anything else a fan of the sport could hope for. Better yet, it's now also boasting support for live broadcasts, thus being possibly the most convenient solution for watching games. Owners of Android TV devices can also stream Super Bowl LII directly to their television sets via this service, with the NFL Shop and the league's official 24/7 news network also being part of the package.

New England Patriots
The official app of the New England Patriots is essentially NFL Mobile but solely focused on the team playing at the Gillette Stadium. If you're a fan of this year's Super Bowl favorites, this is an app that you can't pass up and is also a surprisingly comprehensive knowledge base about the Patriots, so you can use it to refresh your memory or learn a bunch of interesting trivia facts about them.
Eagles Official Mobile
Eagles Official Mobile is the Philadelphia Eagles-focused counterpart to the New England Patriots app, providing you with an NFL package focused on Philly's greatest football team. Results, forecasts, interviews, and initiatives surrounding the team are all featured by the app, as are on-demand streams, podcasts, statistics, and highlights. If you're an Eables fan, there's nothing on the Google Play Store you'll enjoy more.

Angry Birds Evolution


An unexpected addition to this list earned its place due to a partnership Rovio and NFL announced earlier this week, delivering authentic Super Bowl LII-themed content to Angry Birds Evolution. If dressing up aggressive poultry into football jerseys and flinging them at things as part of NFL-branded challenges doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, you haven't tried Angry Birds Evolution's latest in-game events. Similar content is also currently available in Angry Birds 2, so make sure to give it a try as well.



Clippit is not just a fantastic hub for highlights of all kinds, Super Bowl-related and otherwise, but is also the most convenient tool for creating your own excerpts from the year's most anticipated game of football. In case you won't be able to watch the full match live or will want to make your very own highlight compilation, Clippit is an app you'll definitely want to try.

Madden NFL Football


Widely touted as the best football game on mobile platforms, EA's Madden NFL Football will provide you with an authentic take on the sport that doesn't just boast great graphics and soundtrack but also features full squad rosters and a special mode designed for reliving the sport's greatest moments. With the Super Bowl LII being just around the corner, there will surely be plenty of those to replay in Madden NFL Football, but in the meantime, the game has plenty of other single player and multiplayer content to offer.

Live Scores & Odds


Live Scores & Odds is widely considered to be one of the most comprehensive apps of its kind, offering an in-depth look at every popular sport on the planet, football included. You also don't need to be a betting man in order to benefit from this Android service; many football fans are likely to appreciate a highly statistical overview of games and forecasts which will provide them with an entirely different perspective on the sport that's both interesting and informative. The app also provides detailed breakdowns of NFL games so it's a useful mobile tool to have if you want a quick recap of any match or just want live updates at a time when you're unable to watch a stream.

NFL Rush Gameday
NFL Rush Gameday is one of the league's official apps, with this particular creation placing a large focus on watching and experiencing football as a family activity. Besides comprehensive recaps and highlights from actual games, the app will also teach you and your kids about the history of the sport, being filled with entertaining trivia facts. In-game avatars are also part of the package, allowing every user to dress up their own digital football fan, then task him with completing various mini-games and earning rewards. With the Super Bowl LII being just around the corner, the app also received a major content update that allows you to earn exclusive gear and furniture you can use to fit your avatar and their living room. A unique comic book-styled adventure is also included, providing players with the opportunity to imagine their very own Super Bowl LII featuring their favorite team.
TuneIn is not a football-centric app but one that was designed to serve as a comprehensive podcast and radio hub. Still, it does ship with a major focus on sports, being filled with a broad range of radio stations and podcasts collections dedicated to NFL, NHL, and NBA. If you won't be able to watch Super Bowl LII because you expect to be driving, TuneIn is the best tool for providing you with a reliable radio stream of the game, as well as a variety of shows that will analyze the events on the pitch.

Blocky Football


Blocky Football is the ultimate time waster for all NFL fans, providing you with a collection of casual mini-games revolving around the most exciting moments of the sport. Coupled with retro graphics and an extremely intuitive control scheme, this is the game to play while waiting for Super Bowl LII. Its vast library of content should also keep you entertained for much longer than that, so if experiencing an interactive football highlight reel of sorts sounds like something you'd enjoy, this Full Fat-developed title is certainly worth giving a go, especially since it's free to play.