At Least Two New BlackBerry Smartphones To Arrive This Year – CES 2018


TCL made a couple of announcements during CES 2018 including the introduction of a new Bronze Edition of the BlackBerry KEYone, and the imminent expansion of the availability of the BlackBerry Motion in the US. However, that was not the extent to the BlackBerry-related announcements TCL made today, as the company also confirmed that the market can expect "at least" two more BlackBerry-branded smartphones to arrive during 2018.

Unfortunately, that is the extent to the details provided in the latest announcement with TCL not offering any further details or hints as to what the devices will be. Or for that matter, when specifically in 2018 either of them will arrive, or at what price sectors of the market they will compete within. Simply put, TCL has only confirmed "customers can expect to see at least two new BlackBerry smartphones from us later this year." As part of the same announcement, TCL did highlight how since its first release in early 2017 the BlackBerry KEYone has become available in more than fifty countries around the globe. Adding, that along with the gradual, but expanding, availability of the BlackBerry Motion, and the demand for BlackBerry-branded smartphones in general, the company is now a good position to further expand the brand's portfolio throughout this year. Hence the confirmation that two new devices are on the way.

While it is unclear what these new smartphones will be or offer, one thing for certain is that they are going to be smartphones which place a focus on their security benefits. This is something that not only has been associated with the BlackBerry name in the past in general, but something the more recent BlackBerry Android devices have really pushed forward with. An aspect which was further reiterated in today's announcement with BlackBerry's SVP and GM of Mobility Solutions, Alex Thurber, noting how "BlackBerry phones are the world's most secure Android smartphones." Security aside, one aspect that is less clear is the main design points of these upcoming smartphones. As while the KEYone also continued the other BlackBerry trend of adopting a physical keyboard, the Motion did not. Leaving the door open for TCL and BlackBerry to go either way with the next smartphones.

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