Assistant-Enabled Modular Bottle Can Boil, Brew, & Charge – CES 2018


Travel bottles made to boil water or brew coffee are not exactly new, but a modular travel bottle that can slot in special mods that allow it to do things like kill bugs and talk to Google Assistant is being shown off at CES 2018, and it's called the Cauldryn Fyre V2. With a fully successful Indiegogo campaign under its belt, this highly unusual piece of outdoor gear is available on Cauldryn's website for $129.99, along with a battery-free version for $69.99 that can be plugged into a special base. The modularity is not the only calling card for the Cauldryn Fyre V2, of course; it's also a fairly competent travel bottle in and of itself.

For starters, the Cauldryn Fyre V2 is capable of boiling water or brewing coffee and tea with a special percolator module. There is also a lantern with a bug zapper, a blender, and a Bluetooth speaker. Those mods are expected to launch sometime in the fourth quarter of the year, with prices yet to be announced. They are, however, in live and working status at the company's CES booth. Google Assistant is integrated directly into the heating element, allowing you to use your phone or Google Home to tell the Cauldryn Fyre V2 what to do.

On a more basic level, the Cauldryn Fyre V2 is able to actively keep drinks at a specified drinking temperature all day long on battery power. It can even boil or brew a drink, then allow it to cool to a specified temperature and keep it there. It should be mentioned that the battery does not have quite enough oomph to boil or brew all day long; if you need that to happen, for whatever reason, you'll have to plug the bottle and battery into the optional AC base. The battery, of course, can also charge your phone or anything else that can be powered by a USB port, such as USB Type-C laptops and Bluetooth accessories. As far as accessories for the bottle itself, you can currently get a spare battery for $69.99, and a DC power base to use the bottle from a plug instead of from its battery for just $9.99, all from Cauldryn's website.

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