Android Pay Now Supported By 80 More Banks & Credit Unions

AH Android Pay 21

Android Pay has expanded support to 80 more banks and credit unions in the United States in yet another move to grow its mobile payment ecosystem following a similar initiative in December, during which the service added 53 new card issuers to its supported list. The addition of new banks and credit unions to the Android Pay ecosystem means there are now a total of 1,196 supported card issuers for Google’s mobile payment system.

It’s worth noting that most of the new entrants to the Android Pay platform include smaller financial institutions as the major banks have long been added to the ecosystem. Like its similar support expansion in recent times, the latest move encompasses a comprehensive list of banks and credit unions that include the AllWealth Federal Credit Union, American Bank & Trust Company, Heritage Bank Of Nevada, and Lowry State Bank. You can refer to the source link below for the full list of banks and credit unions currently supported by Android Pay. It should be pointed out that a great majority of the supported card issuers within the Android Pay ecosystem include financial institutions located in the United States, where the platform is growing steadily with each passing month as more banks and credit unions are added to the list. In October last year, for example, the mobile payment service added support for 34 card issuers in the country, including the Community Point Bank from Kentucky, Civista Bank and the Riverview Credit Union from Ohio, First Bank Financial Centre from Wisconsin, and the Metabank from South Dakota.

While its growth in its home country is rapidly growing, Android Pay’s expansion has not been as speedy internationally. Nonetheless, Android Pay reached some significant milestones last year with its arrival abroad, including Spain, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, and Taiwan, where local users of the mobile payment app are able to purchase a wide variety of products ranging from food to electronic devices. The Mountain View, California-based internet giant also plans to bring Android Pay to Slovakia and South Korea in the near future, though Google did not provide an exact time frame for the rollout. Android Pay was originally scheduled to hit South Korea in August last year, though it did not materialize as scheduled.