Amazon's No-Checkout 'Go' Store Set To Open Jan. 22nd

Amazon Go 1

Amazon’s no-checkout ‘Go’ store is set to open on January 22nd, essentially changing the ways in which the consumer will think about shopping once again. With Amazon Go, the company’s new convenience store/market that will open up in Seattle tomorrow consumers will be able to walk into the establishment, and walk out with all of the items they entered with intent to purchase, and not to have pay for things at a checkout stand like you would at a normal convenience or grocery store. That’s because Amazon Go makes paying for things obsolete. Not entirely, mind you, customers still have to pay for things, but everything is handled when you walk in.

First, consumers will install the Amazon Go application onto their phones, then as they walk into the store they would need to open the app, scan their phone as they walk through a turnstile, and from there just pick up items and toss them into the basket. Cameras as well as sensors on the shelves make it possible to know what customers are picking up, and that data is transmitted to the consumer’s Amazon account, which then charges everything to the payment methods that are associated with it.

When all the shopping is done, customers simply walk out of the store and no stopping by the checkout stand to actually checkout and pay is needed because the payment happens before you leave. Amazon Go will have much of what you might expect to see in any other convenience store, from a variety of drinks and snacks to salads, wraps, sandwiches, and even meats and vegetables. While it won’t necessarily be a full blown supermarket it will have many of the things that you might need. there’s even some beer and wine available. There’s also assortments of baked goods like breads and cookies, canned soups, a selection of Whole Foods’ 365 brand items like mixed nuts, chips, crackers, and drinks, and even Amazon’s meal kits. Though Amazon Go is more of a convenience store, it’s certain to change the way consumers want to shop thanks to the added convenience of being able to pick up what you want quickly and just, well… go. No having to stop at the checkout stand to pay means not having to wait in line, which means you can get in, get out, and get on with your day. For the moment Amazon Go will only have one location and it’s opening up tomorrow in the bottom floor of Amazon’s Seattle-based Seventh Avenue HQ. After it opens, the store’s hours will be from 7AM PST to 9PM PST later in the evening.