Alphabet's "Chronicle" Moonshot Wants To 10x Cybersecurity


Another Moonshot project from Alphabet's X division has come into its own, and this time, it's Chronicle, a cybersecurity firm that wants to "10x" traditional cybersecurity measures. In a press release on its newly-minted Medium blog, Chronicle outs its CEO, Stephen Gillett, who lays out a list of painful data points about the current state of the cybersecurity industry, and says that he wants to lead Chronicle in fixing those. Chronicle will have two different parts, according to Gillett's post; there will be the Chronicle platform that works behind the scenes to enhance cybersecurity on an industrywide scale through innovation, and there will be VirusTotal, a business-facing antimalware detection solution bought up by Google in 2012, which will continue operating as it always has, but will be incorporating the work of Chronicle into its programming.

Chronicle's stated goal is to increase the efficiency of current cybersecurity means and teams tenfold, or "10x" them. In order to accomplish this, the company will build out a smart platform that handles threat intelligence and analytics faster than human workforces could on their own. Essentially, the goal is smart cybersecurity through AI, with the endgame of being able to detect threats, exploits, and other issues before they actually present themselves. This runs counter to the current state of affairs, wherein cybersecurity personnel have to sort through vast pools of data with limited time and resources, and end up missing or scrapping signs that something may be amiss. Chronicle's platform will hopefully be able to scan all activity in a given data set, interpret what it can, and flag anything suspicious that it can't interpret on its own for security researchers and engineers to have a look at.

Chronicle started out as an X project back in February of 2016, with alumni from Google Ventures and Google's security team in tow. Will Robinson, a Google engineer with 13 years under his belt, joined in the effort. They formed a team and combined their work with VirusTotal's platform and database, and the work took off from there. It took two years for Chronicle to get to the point it's at now, which entailed working with tons of Fortune 500 companies and high-level consultants, all of whom helped to shape Chronicle's direction and vision.


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