A Closer Look At Samsung's "The Wall" Modular MicroLED TV – CES 2018


There has been a number of TV and display-related devices shown off during CES 2018 (as is typically the case with this event every year) although arguably one of the more interesting products to get announced at this year's outing was from Samsung. One which the company introduced this week as "The Wall." A name which seems to be entirely fitting as the model shown off by Samsung comes in at a significant 146-inches in size. Which for those wondering, means this TV is just over 12 feet wide on the diagonal. That said, however, the size is one of the aspects which seems to be largely negotiable with this TV – marking one of the key selling points on offer with The Wall.

As while TVs are often available in different, but generic, sizes, Samsung has opted to go the modular route with The Wall. With the suggestion being that buyers will be able to 'create' a screen size that is not only suitable for their needs, but exactly tailored to be as big or as small as they like. Due to its bezel-less and module-based design, in theory, the size options on offer with The Wall are understood to be endless. The other main point to note about this TV is that it is made up of MicroLEDs, which as their name suggests, are units much smaller in size than current LEDs. Besides their tiny size, these are also LEDs that are capable of acting as their own light source.


Which is likely one of the aspects that further feeds into making this TV modular in the first place with each of the MicroLEDs capable of functioning independently of each other. Another of the benefits of Samsung employing MicroLEDs is that they do not require a backlight. Therefore, and in addition to being much brighter, and capable of darker blacks, they can be housed in a form that is much thinner than might otherwise be expected by a typical LED TV, and all while maintaining a heightened quality. In fact, it is this quality which is likely to act as one of the main differences between opting for a TV like this (at this size) over an actual projector. As while The Wall is not quite as accommodating as a standard projector, the viewing experience is designed to be as good as it gets. A point which Samsung further highlighted when announcing The Wall by suggesting the benefits on offer with MicroLED means the technology is likely to set "the standard for future screen technology."

Of course, with a product like this, the price is always going to be the biggest hurdle that Samsung (and consumers) will need to overcome. As while a potential buyer could opt for a much smaller scaled version, the technology in use here is likely to be more expensive than opting for an equivalent sized 'standard' TV. At present, Samsung has yet to provide any firm details on what the starting cost would be for any model, let alone the sky-high price that is likely to be attached to the 146-inch version. That said, it is expected these units will begin to become available at some point in 2018. So while the jury is still out on the price it shouldn't be too long before some firm numbers do start to come through. In the meantime you can take a closer look at The Wall by Samsung in the gallery below.

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