Zanco Tiny T1 Crowdfunded As The World's Smallest Phone

The title of world's smallest phone has been tossed around a lot down the years, and the newest competitor is the Zanco Tiny T1, a Kickstarter-funded device that beats out even the smallest Android phones by being tinier than a thumb. The diminutive device is less than 50mm tall, and sports a half-inch OLED screen with a resolution of only 64 by 32 pixels. As of this writing, you can get your hands on one for as little as £35 ($46), and you should get your tiny phone at some point in May.

When it comes to features and specs, this phone brings the retro appeal, taking things back to before the era of the first Moto RAZR. You won't find a camera on here, and there is no internet capability at all. This phone only operates on 2G networks, which means that it will only work where 2G networks are available. 32MB of internal storage and 32MB of RAM working together with a low-power MediaTek processor are more than sufficient to store a few MIDI ringtones, but not much else. A backlit T9 keypad with softkeys and a directional pad at the top will help you to navigate the phone's sparse menus, where you can pretty much just reach your SMS messaging menu, and look over your contacts. You can store up to 50 SMS messages at a time, along with up to 300 contacts and 50 phone call records. A 200mAh battery keeps the Zanco Tiny T1 going. As a bonus, the phone packs in 13 voice changers for anonymous calls.

This Kickstarter met its goal more than three times over already, but many rewards are still available. The super early bird tier for a single phone at £30 is gone now, but you can still get one for £35 or £39. £100 or £110 will get you three of them, while a pack of five will run you £160 or £175. Finally, a pack of ten for reselling costs £290 on the early bird tier, or £320 normally. Each of the phones comes with a MicroUSB cable for charging and syncing ringtones and the like, as well as a warranty card and a handy lanyard. You'll have to procure your own Nano-SIM card to use the Zanco Tiny T1 and ensure that it's compatible with 2G networks in your area.

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