Weekly Poll: Would You Leave Your Current Music Service For YouTube's?

Just yesterday news broke that YouTube is looking to launch a new streaming music service coming up in March of 2018, and although there is still plenty of detail about the service which hasn't been revealed there is enough out there that is being rumored that makes it possible to start considering whether or not this would be a decent option compared to some of the other alternatives out there. Customers these days have no shortage of options when it comes to how they can consume their streaming music. There's Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and even Google's own option, Google Play Music. One upon a time YouTube even offered something of its own as well, making this another attempt at breaking into the market.

Right now there's no rumored price point for the cost if this new service, and there likely won't be until it gets closer to the rumored launch date. There is however, something to go off of. YouTube Red, which used to be YouTube Music Key, has a $9.99 a month cost and it's possible that YouTube will try to charge the same amount. Cost aside there is also some detail about what the service may offer to consumers who choose to subscribe to it.

According to the initial report YouTube is in talks with multiple record labels including Sony Entertainment Group, Universal, and Merlin which is a collective of multiple independent labels. On top of this YouTube has also already signed Warner Music Group and is in talks with music artists to promote the upcoming service as well and get the name out there so potential subscribers are aware of the option. Based on the light details YouTube has plans to offer parts of what Google Play Music offers, and parts of what YouTube Red offers, blending together an on-demand streaming service for music similar to Spotify and video clips like what you'd find on YouTube Red, perhaps for music videos. For now that's about all that's known about the offering, but with that information it would be interesting to see what kinds of features the service would include and if it could stay competitive, and how it would do so. Would you consider giving YouTube's upcoming music subscription service a shot?


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