Vivo's Upcoming Phone First To Ship With Synaptics' Clear ID

Synaptics in display fingerprint 01 1

Synaptics had introduced the world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner earlier this week, the Clear ID FS9500, and it has just been confirmed that Vivo will release the first smartphone equipped with that fingerprint scanner, it’s scheduled to arrive next year, though it was not revealed which phone will equip it, nor when exactly will that handset arrive, though it’s expected to launch in the first half of 2018. Synaptics had confirmed earlier that the company is working with top 5 smartphone manufacturers in order to implement this fingerprint scanner in their upcoming smartphones, and Vivo currently belongs on that list.

As already mentioned, it was not mentioned what phone exactly will sport Synaptics’ new fingerprint scanner, but it could be the company’s next-in-line OPPO R-series smartphone, though it’s also possible that OPPO may release a top-of-the-line device next year, with high-end specifications, and include such a fingerprint scanner in that package instead, as the company’s R series of devices is quite compelling, but those are all mid-range phones. It is also worth noting that Vivo did demo the in-display fingerprint scanner earlier this year, teasing its arrival, so the company has probably been working with Synaptics for quite some time now. Synaptics actually plans to ship around 70 million of its new fingerprint scanner, so chances are we’ll see quite a few smartphones sporting Clear ID next year, it’s safe to assume that companies like Samsung and Huawei will adopt such tech in 2018, and quite possibly Apple as well, even though the company completely removed a fingerprint scanner from the iPhone X.

So, what is an in-display fingerprint scanner, well, its name says it all, basically. Instead of implementing fingerprint scanners below the display of a smartphone, or on the phone’s back. Synaptics’ new fingerprint scanner allows companies to implement it below the display, which essentially means you’ll be able to put your finger on the display, and the phone will unlock. This actually makes it possible for companies to trim down those bezels even further. Synaptics is expected to demo this fingerprint scanner during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month, in case you’re interested.