Vine Co-Founder Teases V2, New Android App In The Making

Vine 2 Teaser

Popular app Vine came to an abrupt end back in October of 2016 but it looks like it might be making a comeback in a new form. Dom Hofmann, one of Vine co-creators, has been teasing a new project that might revive at least some aspects of Vine, having now posted another teaser on Twitter that can be seen above and alludes to “V2,” a potential follow-up to the video app that’s been available on Android and a number of other platforms. Hofmann’s caption simply says “v2” and appears to be a clear hint at a potential revival of the video platform.

Although it seems that Hofmann is working on a new app that could arrive as a sequel to the now-defunct Vine, it remains unclear whether it will be a direct follow-up or an entirely different app. The “v2” teaser suggests that at least some of the key aspects that made Vine so popular would make their way to the new app, but no specific details are available at this point. It’s also unknown whether the other two Vine co-founders, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, would be involved in this project alongside Hofmann.

As a reminder, Vine launched back in 2013 under Twitter’s corporate umbrella, having been acquired before its official debut and while it was still in beta. The original app had a simple and fun premise: creating and sharing short looping videos no longer than six seconds. The app soon sparked a short-video frenzy and soared to become among the top free apps in the United States. The time limit fueled creativity and challenged users to express as much as they could in as little time as possible, often with highly entertaining results. When Twitter eventually shut down Vine last year, there was a broad outcry across the internet and a number of high-profile Vine creators even tried to come up with solutions to save the service to no avail. Hofmann’s new teaser for a “v2” has now sparked excitement for a Vine comeback, but it remains to be seen just when it will be ready to launch and what it will have to offer.