Vacuum Wars: Xiaomi vs Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Review

xiaomi roborock robot vacuums head to head

Xiaomi has consistently been placed on the must buy list of robot vacuums since the debut of the Mi Robot Vacuum 2 years ago, and it’s any wonder, really. Aside from having some of the best navigational routines and cleaning abilities of any robot vacuum out there, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is also one of the least expensive robot vacuums around. Unbeknownst to most, however, is that Xiaomi doesn’t actually manufacture the Mi Robot Vacuum. Rather it’s a rather low key Chinese company named Roborock, and for the second generation Mi Robot Vacuum, Roborock is taking back its name and marketing it solely under the Roborock brand.

The Roborock S50, as it is properly named, looks like the legitimate heir to the throne in many ways, the least of which isn’t looks. While the top certainly has seen some design changes, it unmistakably looks like the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum in many, many ways. The LIDAR dome up top looks identical, with white casing and an orange spinning unit within. This time, however, Roborock has moved it more front and center, rather than placing it all the way towards the back as it was on the first generation Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. Underneath it looks identical, but again if you look a tad closer you’ll see where Roborock has tweaked the design for the better. The large grippy wheels now fold in the opposite direction as the first generation Xiaomi, likely helping considerably when it comes to carpet performance as a whole.

Then of course there are a slew of new features as well that really differentiate it from the first generation Mi Robot Vacuum. Roborock has created a mopping attachment, similar to what we’ve seen from other robot vacuums like the LG HomBot+ and Ecovacs Deebot R95, which slides onto the back for some light mopping duties after vacuuming. The Roborock S50 still connects to the Mi Home app, giving it a huge range of functionality with other Xiaomi products, as well as a bunch of new features too. The map has been updated to allow virtual walls and specific spot cleaning, and everything else people love about the original is here too. How much better is this $500 vacuum? Find out in our video below!

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