Tips To Avoid Holiday Season Traffic Based On Waze's 2016 Data


A lot of people will be driving somewhere within the next few days and weeks. Whether it is en route to family for the Holidays, back home after the Holidays, or just out navigating the hustle and bustle for last-minute gifts during the festive season, there is a good chance for many, that hitting the roads will not only be a necessity, but also a frustrating process. With so many drivers expected to be on the roads during the 2017 Holiday Season, knowing the right time to go somewhere could make all the difference.

This is where Waze comes in. As while many already do use the community-driven navigation Android app to help find the best route to somewhere (and with the least traffic), the company is also quite adept at providing insight ahead of your journey. Which is exactly what Waze has now done. Therefore, for those planning on hitting the roads anytime soon, here is Waze's advice based on findings drawn from data obtained during the 2016 Holiday Season. Firstly, December 22nd is likely to be very busy, and even more so between the hours of 3 and 5 p.m. Avoid.

According to Waze, this particular two-hour time-frame on December 22 will be the worst time to be hitting the roads during the holiday season. So if you can avoid those two hours, it might be worth it. December 25 however, will be the best time to make any trips you might need to. As Waze reckons this will be one of the quietest times on the road between December 22 and January 4. That is, except for those travelling to the movie theater. As Waze found that trips to the cinema were up more than 130-percent on December 25 compared to the four weeks leading up to the day. Likewise, as the day draws closer expect grocery store runs to be busier and in some case by as much as 61-percent – again compared to an average day in the fours weeks before December 25. In either case, when venturing back again after the Holiday week, January 1, is likely to be your best bet for a quieter and less busy ride home. While it is worth keeping in mind that this data is based on last year's figures and therefore is unlikely to be 100-percent accurate, avoiding peak times to do the things you need to do will ultimately give you more time to do the things you want to during the Holidays. Which is where the Waze app might help as the data it provides on traffic conditions is fed back in real-time. For those new to the Waze app, it is available to download from the Google Play Store.


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