Ticket To Earth Tactical Puzzle RPG Hits Google Play Store


After being announced way back in March and initially launching on iOS devices earlier this year, the long-awaited tactical RPG Ticket to Earth has finally arrived on Android. However, it is an episodic title. That means that, for now, only the first and second parts of the game are available, but the others are slated to release at some point in the near future. That shouldn't stop many gamers from checking it out for themselves since the game has been highly lauded since its release, in addition to winning several mobile gaming awards for 2017. The game is also on sale, as of this writing, so fans of the genre may want to head over to the Google Play Store via the button below. Ordinarily, the title costs around $5 but it is currently on sale for $3.49 for all of the planned episodes.

As to the gameplay and story of Ticket to Earth, the title is marketed as a heavily story-driven "tactical puzzle RPG." The play itself takes place on a puzzle grid, with players positioning their team members, matching tiles, and powering up to unleash attacks on the enemy. Damage is determined not only by the player's characters but by their position on a given battlefield and other elements such as player character movement. In total, Ticket to Earth offers more than ten hours of gameplay across more than 60 levels and side-challenges. Because this is also an RPG, character customization and leveling are a big part of gameplay, too. Players will be able to improve stats, attacks and other character actions, as well as swapping out gear to power their character up. Meanwhile, the story takes place on another planet, amidst a conspiracy that threatens an already vulnerable post-earth colony. More specifically it follows a character named Rose who has been orphaned and taken it upon herself to defend the well-being of all involved by stopping government corruption and ending attacks from malicious entities.

As mentioned above, the game is highly regarded, among mobile gamers and reviewers alike. That's complete with a 4.9-star rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.3-star rating on iOS, placing Ticket to Earth among the best games on offer.  So it is probably worth a look while it is still on sale – with that sale running for just 6 more days, as of this writing.


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