Tello Lowers Phone Plan Prices For New and Existing Customers

Tello has today announced it has now decreased the cost associated with most of its phone plan options. Which means if you are in the market for a change of carrier, then Tello might be one worth checking out at the moment. While the prices offered by Tello were competitively priced to begin with, most of the plans are now even better priced with as much as $6 shaved off the cost of each plan.

For example, and according to the plans page, those looking for a plan which includes unlimited talk and text as well as 3GB of 4G LTE data would previously have paid $35 per month. Now however, the same plan is available for only $29. The same can be said for the 2GB data plan which has now dropped in price from $29 down to only $25 per month. While the 1GB data plan has dropped from $22 down to $19. For those less concerned about unlimited talk then there are even greater savings to be had. For instance, a 3GB 4G LTE data plan which also comes with 200 minutes talk time and unlimited text has dropped in price from $31 down to only $26. While the 2GB data plan with 100 minutes talk time and unlimited text is now available for only $21 - down from $24.

As you may have noticed the common ‘unlimited’ in all of those plan examples is the unlimited text as this is offered as standard by Tello and regardless of which plan is selected. As is free tethering and unlimited 2G data speeds once monthly 4G LTE data allocations have been reached. Speaking of which, for those looking for even greater data allowances, then it is worth keeping in mind that Tello also recently started a promotion where opting for a 5GB data plan will actually result in 10GB data. As the company is providing those who pay for 5GB data an extra 5GB data for free. According to Tello, these plans are not just short-term plans either as they are now fixed prices for the MVNO who makes use of Sprint’s network to cater to its customers. So whether you are looking to make the switch today, or next month, it seems these prices will be the new Tello standard going forward. New customers might also want to know that not only can they customize their own plan option with Tello, but they can pretty much change the plan as often as they like, or as their needs dictate. As none of the plans or long-term fixed or contract-based. As for existing customers, Tello has also confirmed that they too will benefit from the new price decreases and can expect to see the lower plan costs showing up on their next bill.

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