T-Mobile & FreeMove Extend Multi-National Partnership


T-Mobile announced today that it has now entered into an extended partnership with FreeMove in order to offer business communications solutions to companies whose operations occur across several companies. The companies first entered into an agreement back in 2010, with this new partnership expanding further on that and extending the length of the deal. Effectively, the goal of the deal is to improve synergies within a given company operating in regions served by the partnership by making communications solutions easier to find and more cost-effective. This extension of the deal will include further streamlining and integration. In general, the offerings of the partnership to multi-national companies allow those entities to operate across the U.S. and in Europe without having to sign on for multiple contracts in the various regions where they will operate.

FreeMove's other international partners, meanwhile, include Orange, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telekom, and Telia Company and operate in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Nordics, Turkey, Eurasia, and the Baltic region. However, representatives of FreeMove have said that the company's partnerships and operating locations extend across more than 100 countries, in total. That is a big draw for companies that are looking to cut back and consolidate costs by converging communication expenses. On the other hand, this continued partnership with T-Mobile will not only help the U.S. carrier. As of this writing, T-Mobile is currently the sole partner of FreeMove within the U.S. So, the newly announced deal will also help keep the U.S. region in FreeMove's list of serviced regions without the company needing to find a new carrier to set up a partnership with.

The partnership makes some sense on T-Mobile's part, as the company continues its push to expand outward, including bringing on on more customer's in the business and enterprise space as part of its overall growth efforts. Improving the solutions it offers should also help keep satisfaction up among that portion of its subscribership, which is a key aspect of any growth plan. Moreover, since 2015 the company has seen its portion of the business communications market share more than double – making that sector of the market particularly important for T-mobile.

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