Sponsored Software Review: EaseUS Mobisaver For Android

EaseUS Data Recovery For Android 6

These days it’s fairly easy to backup your files and anything else you may have stored on your device, but it’s not always easy to recover files or any other lost data, at least not without the right tools to help get the job done. Software such as EaseUS Mobisaver for Android is a tool that can help with recovering lost data on your Android device if you’ve run into a situation where you can’t seem to find stuff that used to be stored on it, like media files, music files, messages, contacts and more. EaseUS Mobisaver for Android is also a really easy tool to use once you have it installed on your desktop or laptop which makes it that much better, not to mention it’s also a free software so you can recover important files without having to pay for it. There’s also an app available that you can install right onto your Android device called EaseUS Mobisaver for Android App, so even if you can’t plug your device into your PC you’ll still be able to recover lost data, though it is important to remember that if your phone isn’t rooted the app will perform a quick scan for deleted files by searching the cache and thumbnails, whereas if your device is rooted it will perform a deep scan that searches all of your device memory for missing data.

First, you’ll need to connect your device to your PC (desktop or laptop) before you can get started with the process. This is of course, after you install the EaseUS Mobisaver for Android software onto your PC. Once that’s done, simply plug in a USB cable to any open USB port, then plug the other end into your device and the software will do the rest as it will start to detect your phone or tablet and this process only takes a minute or less. Once your device is found it’ll walk you through a couple of steps and then ask you to hit the “next” button to continue. For example, just like in the image above, if your device is a Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung it will tell you, then analyze all of your data before moving forward.


Once everything has been scanned and analyzed the software will pop up a window that looks like the image above and off to the left you’ll see the navigation list of different types of files that you can recover. This includes contacts, messages, a gallery of images that were being stored on your device, videos that you may have had recorded or downloaded, any music or audio files, and any documents like PDF files, Google Docs, Docx files, and more. EaseUS Mobisaver for Android software will also scan both the internal storage on your phone as well as any external storage if your device supports it and you have a microSD card inside.


The software will let you preview any of the data before you recover it, but one thing to pay attention to is that it displays all things found on your device, which might get a little bit confusing if you aren’t exactly sure which stuff on your phone is data that’s still there or has been lost. There’s an easy solution for this, as there will be a toggle above all the items you will see on screen that when enabled will display only the items that have been deleted, which should make it easier to decide what to recover.

Once you have everything selected that you want to recover you can decide to back it up or even export it to your desktop as a CSV file, for instance, if what you’re recovering are lost contacts. You can also export it as an HTML file or a VCF file if you need to, and then you’ll be able to do what you need to with it, whether that’s send it off in an email or add to it a message to share with someone.


Whatever you need to recover, and regardless of the reason whether it’s due to a factory reset, malware that caused a loss of data, rooting your device, accidental deletion, or device failure, EaseUS Mobisaver for Android Data Recovery software will be able to help you get back most of if not all of what you lost, and that’s a valuable thing to have when the software doesn’t cost you anything.

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