Sponsored Deal: HBQ-i7 Truly Wireless Earbuds For $13.89


We have seen quite a few truly wireless Bluetooth earphones introduced this year, though many of them are quite expensive, not to mention that some of them do not offer all that much for the asking price. Well, if you're looking for an affordable pair of truly wireless Bluetooth earphones, one such product has been discounted on TomTop. The HBQ-i7 Bluetooth earphones actually resemble Apple's AirPods quite a bit, though unlike AirPods, these Bluetooth earphones come in both Black and White color variants, not to mention that they cost only a fraction of AirPods' price.

The HBQ-i7 Bluetooth earphones are usually priced at $19.99, but if you utilize the coupon code which is provided down below, you'll be able to grab them for only $13.89. These Bluetooth earphones come with a charging box, just like AirPods, and they also support A2DP / AVRCP stereo audio transmission and remote control protocol. The HBQ-7 earphones are quite light (4g per unit), and they come with Bluetooth 4.2 support. These Bluetooth earphones have an output power of 30W, while an intelligent noise reduction is also built into this product. HD calling is supported, and these earphones can actually be connected to two smartphones at the same time. You will also find an indicator LED light included on these earbuds, while these earbuds have an impedance of 32 OHM.

That is more or less it, the HBQ-i7 Bluetooth earbuds are amongst the more affordable truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the market, and you'll hardly find a better option at this price range, especially having this discount in mind. If you really like Apple's AirPods, which are quite expensive, well, the HBQ-i7 is one of your options. If you're interested in getting the HBQ-7 Bluetooth earbuds, we've included a purchase link down below, along with a coupon code which you'll need in order to grab the aforementioned discount


HBQ-i7 Truly Wireless Earbuds
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