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If you are in the market for a new action camera then one option worth considering at the moment is the DBPOWER N5 4K Action Camera. This one is currently available to buy through Amazon and is priced at $84.99. Which in itself is already an affordable price for a camera like this. However, using the coupon code listed below the price can be lowered down to only $53.95. Essentially, the coupon code will take another 47-percent off the already low price. The coupon code is live and ready to use now and is expected to remain active for the rest of December, as well as January, 2018. So whether you are looking for a last-minute present for someone, or some new camera tech for yourself to start the new year with, this action camera will fit the bill.

As the name suggests, the DBPOWER N5 4K Action Camera is an action camera which supports 4K Ultra-HD video recording at 24FPS. Those looking for a higher FPS rate can also record 2.7K at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS, and 720p at 120FPS. In either case, there is a 20-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor included to assist with the capturing along with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Other notable features include a 2-inch LCD display, 5X zoom, and electronic image stabilization to help ensure videos captured in less than stable conditions do not suffer from shaking. When videos and images are to be viewed by others, the DBPOWER N5 offers a variety of ways to share content. At the hardware level, the DBPOWER N5 comes equipped with a microSD card slot for local storage. Although this is also a Wi-Fi-enabled camera and one which is compatible with the Camking Android app – available to download for free from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded and set up the user will be able to directly connect to the camera over Wi-Fi and access all images and videos taken. Then of course, the content can be shared via all the usual social media and sharing options available from the smartphone. The other benefit of the Wi-Fi and app compatibility is that the user will also be able to control various aspects of the camera, again directly from the connected smartphone.

With this being an action camera it is also one designed for use in multiple different environments and terrains, including underwater. As the DBPOWER N5 comes packaged with a case that allows the camera to be used underwater and up to a depth of 30 meters. Speaking of accessories, the reduced price is not just for the camera and the case. As this package does include no less than 17 different accessories as one big action camera bundle. A number of accessories which is not even taking into account the the two rechargeable batteries that are also included in the package. So you really are getting a full action camera package here, and just about every accessory you might need to ensure the images and video captured are as good as they can be. Furthermore, these accessories are cross-compatible with GoPro cameras. So buyers who happen to already own an GoPro camera should be able to use the accessories interchangeably. Those interested can find out more about the DBPOWER N5 by heading through the link below. Buyers, make sure to use the coupon code listed below when checking out to secure the lowest possible price.


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