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Tablets in general are considered to be somewhat of a slowing market. With smartphones increasing in size (at least their displays), and the likes of Chromebooks and laptops shrinking and becoming more portable, the tablet market finds itself being squeezed from both ends. That is not to say however, that all tablets are following this trend. As some come with more unique features which cannot be easily assimilated by the likes of a smartphone or a laptop.

Graphics tablets are a prime example as these are especially useful to those looking for a touch sensitive surface where the touches can be interpreted on a different display, such as a home computer. Graphics tablets therefore afford users the sort of functionality and portability that is still best experienced on a larger tablet-based device. For those in the market for this sort of product, Tomtop is currently hosting a sale specifically on graphics tablets.

Like the tablet market in general, graphics tablets span the price spectrum. Which is good news for those looking for an affordable option, as well as those looking for more feature-rich choices. Tomtop is currently stocking a wide range of graphics tablets but to highlight the breath of choice on offer, below are five options that might be specifically worth considering. These range in price from as little as under $45 right and go right up to between $300-400. Some of which are also seeing greater savings than usual due to the use of coupon codes. While the more affordable options will be a little more limited compared to the more expensive ones, all of these models still come with the primary features associated with a graphics tablet, resulting in a reliable and usable product. So regardless of whether you are looking for a graphics tablet to edit images, draw or paint with, sketch designs, or just for better digital handwriting purposes, all of these options are worth checking out. Likewise, all of the tablets listed below are fully compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and the various operating system versions of both.

BOSTO 13HD Graphics Tablet
BOSTO 13HD Graphics Tablet - $259.99

The BOSTO 13HD is a graphics tablet equipped with a 13-inch display along with an 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 700:1 contrast ratio, and a 178-degree viewing angle. This one comes with its own rechargeable pen with a 2048 pressure sensitivity level.

HUION GT-190 Graphics Tablet
HUION GT-190 Graphics Tablet - $349.99

The HUION GT-190 Graphics Tablet is much larger than others as it features a 19-inch display along with a 1440 x 900 resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. This one also comes with its own pen and a 2048 pressure sensitivity level. The design of the stand accompanying this one means it is highly adjustable for improved viewing from multiple angles.

Ugee 1910B Graphics Tablet
Ugee 1910B Graphics Tablet - $269.99

The Ugee 1910B is another option which is better suited to those looking for a larger tablet due to its inclusion of a 19-inch display. Speaking of which, the display on this one features a 1440 x 900 resolution and a 800:1 contrast ratio. This model also comes with an adjustable stand, and its own 2048 pressure sensitive intelligent pen.

HUION 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet
HUION 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet - $63.99

Those looking for a smaller option might want to consider the HUION 1060PLUS Graphics Tablet as this one features a more portable 10-inch by 6.25-inch display. In addition to also coming equipped with its own 2028 pressure sensitive pen. Best of all is the price, as this one is significantly more affordable than the previous options, and the attached coupon code will lower that price even more.

Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet
Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet - $42.99

The Ugee M708 Graphics Tablet is another option designed for those looking for a more portable and affordable device. In fact this one is currently the cheapest option highlighted here, making it a real bargain for what it offers. Speaking of which this is another tablet which features a 10-inch by 6-inch active display area, as well as a 2048 pressure sensitive pen.

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