SEGA Brings Gunstar Heroes To Its Forever Game Collection


Sega has once again expanded on the number titles in its mobile collection of classic console games – the SEGA Forever collection – with the release of Gunstar Heroes Classic for Android. For those who may not recall, Gunstar Heroes is a two-player Shoot 'em up title originally developed by Treasure and originally released for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive systems way back in 1993. Despite the age of the game, it features four different weapon types, which can be configured by the player across 14 total combinations – including flame-throwers, homing missiles, and lasers. Ammo for those, of course, can always be conserved by simply throwing your in-game partner at enemies. Players take on the role of twin brothers Red and Blue in a fight to take down an evil empire trying to take over the world, with play taking place across seven distinct levels.

The mobile version of the game keeps what made it a classic, while still adding some new elements. For starters, players can still team up with others to take on the challenge presented by some portions of Gunstar Heroes, but that now takes place over a local Wi-Fi connection. Multiplayer gameplay is also cross-platform, so Android users don't have to depend on whether or not their friends also have Android devices in order to play co-op. Meanwhile, players can now save their game at any point throughout and then return to their saved game later. Sega has also added leaderboards, allowing players to compete for the best scores with others from around the globe. Beyond that, this is one of the relatively few games that feature full controller support, rather than forcing users to depend on on-screen buttons. Meanwhile, for users who don't have access to a Bluetooth Android controller, Sega has added haptic support for on-screen button presses to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Perhaps best of all, Gunstar Heroes is free to play and only has a single in-app purchase – costing $1.99 – which serves the sole purpose of removing ads. As with other Sega Forever games, that means users won't be forced to buy any in-app currency or pay to unlock any features or levels in the game.


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