Samurai Chef Is An Action Cooking Simulator For Daydream


There's a brand new title on the Google Play store – called Samurai Chef – for those mobile gamers who own one of Google's Daydream VR sets. The Playgendary-developed game is probably best described as an action-arcade cooking simulator and, as its name implies, puts players in the role of a chef who also happens to be a samurai. There are a lot of quirky results of that combination of professions, including the ability to beat up on virtual lazy kitchen helpers with a variety of punches, kicks, and slaps. However, this is a premium VR title, so anybody interested in playing Samurai Chef should be prepared to pay the current price of $2.49 and have ready access to a Daydream headset and device running Android 7.0 or later to get started.

As to the gameplay, players will be tasked with using a katana to slice their way through ingredients and power-ups in order to prepare dishes while also navigating the problem of lazy helpers, among other challenges. The goal, of course, is to overcome ten opposing chefs, keep guests satisfied and their stomachs full, and earn the distinction of being the best. To accomplish that task, players will need to make use of the more than 11 collectible weapons – which are, of course, obtained by defeating enemies in the main game – and heed the advice of a samurai ghost to complete quests. Meanwhile, there are a total of four game modes available to players, including a multiplayer mode and online leaderboards to add a further level to the competition. Since this is a VR title, gameplay also takes place in a virtually-created 3D world that allows for a 360-degree immersive experience almost completely unique to VR and not often found in other mobile games.

Perhaps the best feature of this mobile title is that Samurai Chef is completely free of in-app purchases. Although players will need to buy the game at cost, that means there won't be any gimmicky pay-to-win schemes holding anybody back or giving those who are willing to spend more an unfair advantage. Meanwhile, the goofy antics and unique art style, as well as the welcome inclusion of a leaderboard and online element should make this a must-have title for anybody who wants to do more with their Daydream headset.


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