Samsung Acknowledges Overheating Issues With Some Smart TVs

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Samsung‘s representatives recently took to the company’s official product forums to acknowledge reports of overheating issues with some of the company’s smart TV models, adding that all related complaints have been escalated to the firm’s technical support staff. While original reports on the matter date back to as far as 2016, they appear to have become more numerous in recent weeks. It remains unclear, however, what has been causing certain Samsung TV screens to overheat and in some cases led panels partially melting. It’s presently unclear whether the company is planning a recall and if its affected customers will be proactively issued replacement units.

Based on user reports, affected Samsung TV models at the very least include those from the 6200 and 6300 LED series, with similar reports previously being associated with the 5200, 5300, 5500, 6200, 6350, 6400, 6900, and 7200 lineups. The overheating problem seems to manifest itself in various forms including a pixelated edge of the screen, the appearance of vertical bars, and varying display colors, followed by the eventual melting of screen corners in more extreme cases. As suggested by the reports on the company’s official product forums, the number of models that actually ended up melting is relatively low, though the volume of general overheating complaints is indicative of an issue that may surpass just a few isolated incidents. Fortunately, there are no reports at present that indicate the issue with some of its smart TV models has gotten out of control and resulted in property damages.

It’s not clear in which territories the issue is occurring, though most of the user reports are coming from the United States while a few others originate from Dubai. While Samsung already acknowledged the matter on its Community page for customers, the South Korean tech giant has yet to issue a statement to explain the root cause of the problem, suggesting that it is well under control by its technical support team at present. Samsung’s smart TVs are not just the only product of the South Korean conglomerate affected by overheating troubles. Last year, Samsung had to discontinue production of its Galaxy Note 7 devices due to battery failure that caused the handset to catch fire.