Powerful, Portable, Affordable: Gift a Google Chromebook This Year

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While you may be well-versed in the ways of the Chromebook, those around you might not be and the Holidays could be an ideal time to introduce family members and friends to Chromebooks. After all, this is the period when we are all looking for a gift to give someone and Chromebooks by definition are affordable items. In fact, like most markets, the spectrum of Chromebooks includes options at just about every price point. So regardless of whether you are looking for a $100, $200, $300 or even a $1000 present for someone, there will be a Chromebook available to buy. Unlike other markets though, the difference between Chromebook prices does not automatically equate to a difference in user experience or quality. Which brings us neatly to our first selling point for new users.

Uniformed user experience

Buying a new product for a new user does typically mean an adjustment period will be in effect. This is natural. However, when it comes to smartphones and other mobile-related product lines there now seems to be a learning curve involved with each product you buy. It is no longer just a matter of getting used to a smartphone in general, as users now have to get used to changing between smartphones thanks to companies continually looking to customize the experience as much as possible. This is not the case with Chromebooks as by default they offer the same user experience. This goes for whether you buy a Chromebook for less than $200 (like this one) or a $1,000 model (like this one), the actual Chrome OS experience at the core level will be the same. Yes, some might offer greater features (like Android app compatibility), or a touch screen, a stylus, but the actual interface will remain the same regardless of which Chromebook you buy. With Chromebooks there is only one learning curve involved ever, and even that one is a simple one. Leading us to the next clear benefit on offer to a new user.


Ease of use

Chromebooks are designed to be simple to use. Which is not something that can be said for the Windows or Mac experience. This means that while Chromebooks are powerful devices and can do just about anything and everything a Windows machine (within reason) can do, they are ideal options for younger users (one of the reasons the Education sector has been increasingly turning to Chromebooks), and by the same token, elderly users. This has become even more evident with the introduction of touch screens and the integration of Android apps. Providing those with experience with a smartphone a laptop experience which is more akin to using a smartphone and apps. So for family members who might be less tech-savvy, if they have used a smartphone before the learning curve with a Chromebook will not be as great as with a Windows machine. Likewise there is no complicated setup procedure in place with Chromebooks. They launch super quick and all a new user needs is a Google account to link to. Once connected, the system populates all of their settings, bookmarks, and data. Regardless of the user’s experience with a Chromebook, within seconds a new Chromebook is ready to use and customized to the individual.

Lightweight & portable


Another clear selling point with Chromebooks is just how lightweight and portable they are. This is something that has remained in spite of the size of Chromebooks increasing and becoming more powerful. This is a parallel you won’t find in the Windows or Mac worlds. As the more refined and lightweight (but powerful) options are usually the more expensive options. Leaving those looking for an affordable option having to deal with a bulkier and heavier laptop. That is not the case with Chromebooks and generally speaking, any model you pick up (regardless of price) will be designed as super lightweight and portable. In fact, if you opt for a very new one, then the chances are good that it will also double as a tablet – another selling point in itself and one which further highlights how portable and adjustable to different situations these devices have become.

Battery life


Battery life has always, always, ALWAYS, been one of the key ingredients of a Chromebook and so this is not exactly new news. However, it is still something which is as important as ever. If you are buying a Chromebook for someone else and with the expectation that they will be making use of its lightweight and portable nature, then battery life is key to having a better experience. Chromebooks operate at such a lightweight level that they are able to last for days…well hours, but days in a sentimental sense. As they last significantly longer than other operating system options which is something that will appeal to the student in your life, as well as those who are a little more forgetful when it comes to charging their devices routinely. This even applies to Chromebooks which come with a larger than usual sized display.

The ‘Cloud’

While Chromebooks have become far less dependent on cloud support (as most of the core Chrome OS apps are now usable in an offline mode – another selling point), these are still devices that are highly integrated with the cloud. The obvious benefit of this for new users is how those users will never have to worry about losing any data. Whether it is a student working on a report for school, or just a shopping list put together in Google Keep, as long as a Chromebook is at some point connected to the internet then the data will be synced and always accessible. In fact, with this being a Google operating system, that same data is not just accessible via the Chromebook either. So again, whether it is the same student working on a school project or the same person at the store doing the shipping, accessing that school document or shopping list is as easy as accessing the user’s Google account on any other device. Whether it be a school computer or a smartphone.


Wrap up

Here we have covered just some of the reasons as to why Chromebooks would make a great gift this year and especially for those new to the platform. There are plenty more reasons but these are ones to take into consideration for those who have yet to try out a Chromebook. Whether that is yourself or a family member, the current state of the Chromebook world means now is a great time to buy one and get involved with Chrome OS. And with the various deals and price drops that are currently in effect, this Holiday season offers a great opportunity to gift a Chromebook to someone else while saving at the same time. Need some direct suggestions on which Chromebook to buy? Check out our monthly top Chromebook picks or our full list of current Holiday prices on Chromebooks.