OnePlus Releases OnePlus 5T 'Tips And Tricks' Video


OnePlus has just shared a new promo video for the OnePlus 5T, this time around OnePlus shared 'essential tips and tricks' for the users of the OnePlus 5T. In this video, the company basically talks about some of the OnePlus 5T's features which you may or may have not known about. The video is almost four minutes long, and the company does mention quite a few features here, so read on.

The first feature that the company mentions is the 'auto night mode'. You can basically set up the phone so that it turns on night mode by itself, you can access these settings by navigating to the settings app, then locating display settings and hitting 'Night Mode' in that menu. This way the phone can turn on or turn off the night mode on its own, an avoid blinding you in the morning. The second feature the company is talking about in this video are the on-screen buttons, as you can not only switch places of the back and overview (multitasking) buttons, but you can also assign long press actions to them. In addition to that, the phone also gives you the option to hit the power key fast in order to launch the camera, but you can also set it up so that it takes a picture as soon as you double tap that key. Next feature that the company is mentioning are 'Parallel Apps', which essentially give you a chance to create two separate instances of the same app, so, for example, you can create two icons for Facebook in case you want to keep two of your accounts completely separate.

The company also mentioned the phone's fingerprint scanner, and some of its features. All you have to do is navigate to Settings / Gestures, and you'll notice some fingerprint scanner-related options. If you set some of these features up, you'll be able to swipe the notification feature in order to access your notifications, while you can also long press it to take a photo. In this video, the company also talks about the Portrait Mode, and the gallery app's 'Places' feature. OnePlus actually tells you how to enable all of these features step-by-step, so if you haven't already noticed all of them on your own, the video that is embedded down below may be quite useful for you.


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