NYX Professional Makeup & Samsung Launch New Gear VR Experience

NYX Professional Makeup VR Experience 01 1

This week the cosmetics store chain NYX Professional Makeup announced it has partnered with Samsung in an attempt to combine the benefits of virtual reality (VR) with the makeup sector of the retail industry. The two are looking to achieve this by the launch of a new ‘experience’ for the Samsung Gear VR where NYX Professional Makeup customers will be able to get closer to the products on offer through the store, and in a more interactive way.

The experience will largely consist of three NYX Professional Makeup brand ambassadors (who also happen to be beauty vloggers) showcasing some of the benefits on offer with various NYX Professional Makeup products by way of tutorials. The Gear VR wearer will be able to interact with the demonstrations including opting for which ambassador they want to hear more from, as well as which products they want to see in closer detail and learn more about – all by using the Gear VR controller. The announcement on this goes on to explain that by taking part in the experience, consumers will also be offered a discount at the end of it, which in turn can be used directly against the cost of the products highlighted in the experience.

Those interested in taking part in the “Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup” experience will need to venture down to a participating store starting from December 18, as this is designed to be a Gear VR experience that is only available by visiting a NYX Professional Makeup store. Therefore, this is not expected to become available to owners of the Gear VR headset for use at home. The company did not immediately confirm which stores are taking part in the initial launch, instead stating it will be available in “select NYX Professional Makeup stores.” Although the announcement does further go on to explain the in-store availability of the experience will be expanded throughout 2018 to include more stores, with an expectation that all NYX Professional Makeup stores will offer the service eventually. For those interested in gaining a better understanding of what will be offered with this new VR-based makeup experience before the launch takes place, check out the official trailer below.