Nokia's Latest Holiday Ad Is Both Heartwarming & Thoughtful


Nokia Mobile has released a new television advertisement, called 'Be The Gift' and accessible both via YouTube and embedded below, that takes a decisive step away from touting its latest devices and focuses on people. In fact, throughout the entire video, although its main characters are using Nokia handsets, there's not a single mention of any of the company's latest devices. It does cleverly highlight some of the latest Android features and applications at various points, including video chatting, showing off how well Nokia's smartphones handle those types of tasks. That may seem a bit odd with all of the current releases from the company, ranging from the budget-friendly Nokia 2 to the top-of-the-line Nokia 9 flagship. However, Nokia's message here appears to be centered around touting brand-quality and promoting goodwill, as opposed to simply touting the latest specs and prices for its product line.

Set to Freya Ridings' Lost Without You and first published on December 19, the video draws viewers attention to a relationship that is presumably between a mother and her college-age son. The young man heads off to school and the two stay in touch over some extended period of time, remaining in touch through text messages, photo sharing, and video calls. However, coupling the song played over the course of the minute and a half long video with some of the more emotional moments found throughout results in a genuinely stirring experience. Encompassed in the video are moments of joy and laughter, expertly offset by moments of striking sadness and loneliness. The video, as might be expected, ends with a happy reunion between mother and child. It also fittingly includes a message reminding users to "switch off this Christmas" and spend time with their loved ones. The accompanying video description on YouTube, meanwhile, brings the message of the video together by reminding users that technology is a great way to stay connected but that they shouldn't allow that same technology to get in the way.

With the holidays just around the corner for many, setting aside the clamor of device launches and Android rumors, Nokia arguably could not have created a more heartfelt brand advertisement. In any case, it is certainly well worth a watch and anybody interested in checking the video out for themselves can watch it here or head over to the source link below.


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