New Trips Feature In GasBuddy Could Save Drivers $477 A Year


GasBuddy has announced a new feature that could save its users up to $477 per year by helping them reduce the amount of gas their car consumes, to begin with. That's because the feature, called Trips, works to help drivers recognize driving behaviors that ultimately reduce the fuel efficiency of their drive. More to the point, and citing the U.S. Department of Energy, GasBuddy says that aggressive driving is responsible for gas mileage that is lower by as much as 40-percent in some instances – with everything from speeding, to accelerating too quickly and hard braking contributing to inefficiency. In fact, the number one factor discovered during the feature's testing phases was hard braking. The new feature is designed to show drivers when, where, and how they are driving aggressively, which the app's developers say could save drivers between 13 cents and 89 cents per gallon of fuel. Of 140,000 total test trips, 78-percent of the trips were marked for bad habits. So this app may just be worth looking into for those who want to save a little gas and some cash.

As to how the Trips feature works, GasBuddy says it provides drivers with an analysis of their trips after the fact via summaries. Summaries can be rated as great, not bad, or not great and provide users with the date, time, distance traveled. It also provides precise information for where a bad driving habit occurred and when within the confines of a given trip, as well as letting the user know what that behavior was. There's no reward or punishment system in place for either good or bad driving, aside from the knowledge provided by the app that a user may have saved or lost money based on how their driving affected their fuel economy.

That's not to say that the GasBuddy Android app doesn't already have some features that actually reward users for using the app. The app also already features daily entry opportunities for gas giveaways and rewards for paying through the app. Beyond that, its primary function is to help users find the best prices on fuel near their location, complete with reviews. GasBuddy is also free to download and use. So, anybody interested in checking how their driving is affecting their fuel economy or just saving a bit of cash at the pump will want to click the Google Play Store button below to download GasBuddy.


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