New Gear S3 Update Lands In Europe, Fixes Battery Issues

Samsung Gear S3 AH 52

Samsung has started pushing out the revised Tizen 3.0 update to the Gear S3 distributed and sold in Europe following its release in Canada last week. The firmware version R760XXU2CQL1 is now widely available across European markets, fixing a recent bug introduced by the initial Tizen 3.0 update. The bug seemed to be draining the Gear S3 battery, as reported earlier this month by a number of users who claimed to have experienced irregular battery behavior after installing the Tizen 3.0 Value Pack update which was released last month.

The initial Tizen 3.0 update for the Samsung Gear S3 brought with it a bevy of fresh features and improvements, though it also inadvertently came with the battery life-draining bug that was affecting a great number of users. This prompted Samsung to temporarily stop the rollout of the update until the issue is fixed. It’s presently not clear how widespread the issue was, though users who received the revised Tizen 3.0 update should now be able to use the smart watch for three days with minimal tasks, as should be the case for the Gear S3 sans the battery-draining bug. The South Korean original equipment manufacturer did not reveal the root cause of the problem, though it is understood that a memory leak was the culprit. When installing the latest Tizen 3.0 update, see to it that your smart watch packs enough battery life to stay awake throughout the process. It remains unclear, though, when this update will come to other territories, as Samsung has yet to release an official announcement. It’s important to note that the hotfix is being rolled out in phases, so it may take some time before it hits all Gear S3 users on a global scale.

As a quick recap, the Gear S3 lineup features some fitness tracking capabilities on top of its aesthetic design that aligns the device with the fashion accessory segment of the wearable market. The smart watch is compatible with Android 4.4 and higher and includes 1.5GB of RAM. It supports wireless charging and packs a 380mAh battery as well as a number of sensors inside such as an accelerometer, gyro, barometer, ambient light and HRM.