Netflix Highlights 2017's Most Binged Shows

Netflix is highlighting 2017's most binged shows and it should seem fitting as the end of the year is coming up, and this seems to be the time when trends for the year are getting their debut, like Google's annual search trends lists or YouTube's Rewind video that goes over the most popular videos of the year. Netflix has been on a steady ramp up when it comes to launching new and original content in addition to picking up content from other companies and studios that people have had access to, and whether you're a Netflix subscriber or not the trending shows that have seen the most attention from viewers this past year may surprise you., some of them at least.

According to Netflix, the most-watched show this past year was American Vandal, along with nine other shows that Netflix says were watched on average at least two hours per day by the majority of subscribers. Netflix refers to the ten shows in this list as the shows which people "devoured" because they simply couldn't get enough of them and had to keep watching. In addition to American Vandal, other shows which subscribers devoured were 3%, which came in at number two, 13 Reasons Why which came in at number three, Travelers which came in at number six, and The Confession Tapes which brought up the rear at number ten.

Netflix also pointed out some of the shows which were "savored" in 2017, which it says were shows that were watched on average less than two hours per day. These aren't snows which were unpopular by any means, but simply watched less perhaps because viewers didn't want them to be over too quickly. Topping this particular list was the British period drama The Crown, with GLOW sitting dead center at number five, and ending the list was Disjointed at number ten. Then there were shows which were apparently so good that people simply couldn't wait for their significant others to watch them, as Netflix put together a list of shows which people said they had watched ahead of their significant others. Narcos was number one here, with 13 Reasons Why at number two, Stranger Things at number three, Sense8 in the middle at number five, and rounding out the list was MINDHUNTER at number ten. One thing to consider here is that all of these shows are also Netflix Originals. Netflix says that all of this bingeing amounted to a total of 140 million hours of watched shows per day, not in a year, but per day based on all the subscribers it has from around the globe. That's quite a lot of bingeing indeed, and likely speaks volumes about how good people seem to feel the content on Netflix is.

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