Microsoft OneDrive App Redesigned With Bottom Navigation Bar


The Microsoft OneDrive Android app is now showing a new update on the Google Play Store with a December 5 available date. As a result, the update should currently be on its way out to devices that already have the OneDrive app installed. Along with the arrival of the update, it also seems as though users can expect a fairly significant visual change to the app's design and interface. As the accompanying changelog details the new version brings with it version 5.1 along with "a brand new look and feel."

Based on the changelog, the most notable difference with the design is the introduction of a "new tab bar navigation." Read this as the introduction of a new bottom-positioned navigation bar. This is a design trait which has become more common lately following Google's updating of most of its apps to provide a bottom panel which houses various quick access tabs for some of the most commonly used features. This is now what is in effect with the new OneDrive bottom bar with the bar including various quick access tabs such as Share, Files, Recent, and so on. In fact, in contrast to other apps which include a bottom navigation bar it seems Microsoft's interpretation of this feature has come at the expense of the more traditional hamburger menu. As a result, all users will now have to make sole use of the new bottom bar as that currently seems to be the only method of navigation when using the OneDrive app following the update.

As part of the redesign, the 'Me' section has also undergone a makeover as this is now where the user will be able to find everything relevant to their account. This not only includes dedicated sections for information on notifications, files available offline, trashed files, but also sections for the general settings, and help, tips and suggestions – as there is no longer an obvious menu where aspects like Settings would normally reside. Those who have yet to try out OneDrive on Android can download the latest version, with the design changes detailed here, through the link below.


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