Meizu Grew More Than 50% On A Global Scale In 2017 (YoY)

AH Meizu Logo MX4 Pro 21

Meizu’s Head of Global Marketing, Ard Boudeling, has just announced that the company grew more than 50 percent on a global scale in 2017. Just to be clear, we’re talking about Year-on-Year (YoY) growth here. The company’s Head of Global Marketing also said that the Chinese market decreased in size, as did Meizu’s market share in its homeland, but that did not stop Meizu of performing really well outside of its homeland and achieve a very impressive growth all around the world.

Mr. Boudeling also said that the company expects to keep growing in 2018, and that Meizu is in talks with “a number of potential partners” to bring its products to even more countries next year. Meizu has been profitable in 2017, says Mr. Boudeling, and its international growth had played a huge role in that, of course. Having said that, several Meizu-branded smartphones leaked quite recently, and we do know that the company’s new flagship will be announced in the Spring of 2018, and that it will ship with really thin bezels. The Meizu M15 Plus will be the name of that phone, as was confirmed quite recently when the phone’s retail packaging was shown off. Having said that, it seems like the Meizu M15 Plus will ship with really thin bezels all around. Judging by the image that leaked recently, the phone will have really thin bezels on its sides and above its display, and a really small ‘chin’ below the display where the phone’s multifunctional ‘mBack’ button will be located. The device will also sport a display with rounded corners, and its front-facing camera will be placed below the display.

The Meizu M15 Plus may be the most exciting Meizu-branded handsets that consumers are looking for, but that will be the company’s flagship which will not exactly be all that cheap, so if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly Meizu smartphone to get, it seems like the company is getting ready to announce several such phones as well. The Meizu M6s had surfaced several times thus far, and an unknown Meizu-branded handset surfaced earlier today. We still do not know when will these two phones arrive, exactly, but the Meizu M6s is expected to hit the market in the near future.