Honor Wants To Be A Top 5 OEM & Avoid Huawei Comparisons

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Honor is seeking to become one of the five largest smartphone manufacturers in the world in the near future and isn’t a fan of comparisons with its parent Huawei, Serbian outlet Mondo reported earlier this month, citing Honor President George Zhao. While speaking at the sidelines of the company’s recent London event that saw the introduction of the Honor 7X and Honor View 10, Mr. Zhao revealed that the firm’s current strategy is focused on simultaneously catering to a younger demographic by providing it with offerings that deliver high value for money while still maintaining a wider global appeal.

On the topic of Huawei, the Honor President said the subsidiary is operating as a “B brand” that’s more focused on online sales but should still be seen as a separate entity. Mr. Zhao compared the Huawei-Honor relation to that of some global automakers who are owned by the same company, saying that every car brand has its own target market and people generally aren’t asking questions about whether two vehicle manufacturers are using some of the same parts. Ultimately, users shouldn’t focus on comparing Honor and Huawei and should instead take a look at their products in a vacuum, Mr. Zhao suggested. In the grand scheme of things, Honor wants to establish itself as a major phone maker with its own unique message and believes it’s capable of doing so even now, four years after its founding. The company is celebrating its fourth anniversary on December 16th and is already turned toward future models, in addition to updating some of its existing ones.

Mr. Zhao said the Honor 7X doesn’t run Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box because the handset was already launched in China two months ago when the mobile operating system wasn’t ready for commercialization, but promised that an update will be arriving shortly. Likewise, the Honor 8, Honor 8 Pro, Honor 9, and the Honor V9 will all receive Android 8.0 Oreo in the coming weeks, as will some other models that the company is currently testing with the update, the official revealed. Mr. Zhao also reflected on the omission of water resistance from Honor’s latest devices and said the decision to circumvent a notable IP rating was largely made in order to minimize manufacturing costs and pass on such savings to consumers, adding that the firm is already offering various accessories that make its handsets waterproof and cater to users who insist on this particular feature.