Google's File Go Application Leaves Beta For Global Launch


Google's file management application for devices that ship with low storage, called Files Go, is now out of beta and available globally for any Android device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. The application was first announced as a beta back in September and, according to Google's December 4 announcement of the release via the official Google blog, has saved the average user around 1 GB of space so far. That may not seem like much, given that many devices ship with upwards of 32 times that amount of space. However, many budget phones are still hitting the market with storage that is below 4 GB with consideration for the OS partition and pre-installed software, so 1 GB can represent huge savings depending on the user.

For those who may not recall or who aren't already aware, Files Go offers many of the same features found in other file management applications for the Android platform. Specifically, it operates on four premises, including helping users to free up space, find files, create backups of files, and share files between devices without connecting via data. That, of course, means that it offers a sorting system for files that negates the need to navigate through folders in many cases – with files sorted by type, among other things. However, Files Go takes things further than most standard file managers too. For starters, the tool is designed specifically to solve problems for low-spec devices where a shortage of storage can result in performance issues. It accomplishes that through personalized suggestions about which files should be deleted, based on individual usage. Those suggestions can include big or duplicate files, low-resolution videos or memes that are detected using A.I., or apps that a user doesn't really use.

Beyond that, it offers a relatively easy way for users to back files up to the cloud via Google Drive or other services so that they can be removed from on-device storage. Users simply need to select a file and then tap on the Files Go menu and select the backup option. Finally, it allows for free file transfers at up to 125 Mbps to other nearby devices without using up any data. Those transfers are also encrypted. Perhaps best of all, Files Go is still completely free to download and use. It also shouldn't eat up too much space for itself.  Anybody interested in checking the app out for themselves can head over to the Google Play Store button below.


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