Google Photos 'Smiles of 2017' Movies Showing Up For Some


Google Photos is quite the impressive photo app and in no small part due to the inclusion of the 'Assistant' which looks to add in a number of ways to the how users can engage and view their captured photos and videos. Speaking of which, 'Smiles of 2017' is one of the latest ways that has now reportedly starting showing up for some users.

Smiles of 2017 is a new movie collage offered through Google Photos, and as the name suggests, is all about highlighting the times a person has captured a smiling moment during the past 12 months. This is not actually a new feature in itself, as Google also made the same feature available last year (Smiles of 2016) to some users. Likewise, it is not that different to other movies/montages/colleges that are routinely made available through the app. Another recent one was the Holiday Tradition movie which recently started showing up for some users and providing a collection of Holiday-themed content based on the user's photos and videos.

While Smiles of 2017 does seem to be available, it does not seem to be available for all at the moment. This is again, something that seems to be quite common with Google Photos with the app showing select movies/collages to select users. So while some may have gained the Holiday Tradition movie and the latest Smiles of 2017 movie, others may have only gained access to one, or none. While there is no clear cut definition on how or who these movies roll out to, it does seem likely to be somewhat dependent on what photos and videos the individual user has taken over the past year. After all, if the user has yet to take any Holiday-themed images then they are unlikely to be offered a collated movie based on the Holidays. The same could be said for pictures of the user smiling. In either case, those who are gaining the look back smile movie for 2017 will receive a notification from the app that it is available. Alternatively, those interested to see if they have any new movies on offer, smiling or otherwise, open the app (or the web version of Google Photos) and look under the Assistant tab where this type of content is typically displayed.

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