Google Photos Gets Festive With Holiday Movies

Google Photos is getting festive with holiday movies, and it seems like the right time of year for Google to start tossing these into people's apps as Christmas is just a few weeks away. Now, if this sounds like a fun thing to experience then chances are you're a holiday person. You love the holidays and Christmas in particular might just be your absolute favorite. That said, before you get too excited about one of these movies of your very own popping up in your version of the Google Photos app, there doesn't seem to be a way to really facilitate these showing up.

First things first, you'll need holiday-themed photos to be stored in the app first. If you have pictures that contain festive imagery, like Christmas trees, presents, tree lightings, Christmas lights and more, then you will probably have a better chance of Google grabbing these images and putting one of these festive holiday movies together for you to watch, and possibly share if you have someone to share it with. Since you'll need holiday-themed photos in the app for Google to recognize these and create a movie from them, don't be too discouraged if you don't see one just yet or don't get one at all this year.

There is an easy way to up your chances of getting this themed movie if you don't already have photos stored on your device which fall into this category. Simply take some during the upcoming holiday and soon after you may open Photos and see one of these movies show up. These aren't necessarily front and center once you open Google Photos either. You will have to tap the Assistant tab within the app and you should know when you may need to as there will be a notification dot style alert on the icon for the Assistant tab whenever something new has shown up there. So after the holidays if you open up Google Photos and see this alert, check the tab and see of a holiday movie has made its way to your device. Google is likely to continue doing these with other larger holidays, so keep an eye out for them the more you use the app and take more photos during those times.



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