Google Maps Now Has A PiP Dismissal Hint & More

Google Maps now has a Picture in Picture dismissal hint in addition to some more changes that are both currently present with this latest version of the app and will be on the way in a future update. The latest version of Google Maps, which is version 9.68, contains code in the APK that points to upcoming features and changes.

One of these new features looks like it will be a warning that will attempt to alert users when they're out of range of a recharging station, meaning it might just be an alert for electric vehicles that will pop up if a person tries to enter a location on the map for navigation that is too far away from a person's current location. More specifically, if a person's electric vehicle will need to recharge before the trip can be completed it sounds like the warning would tell the user this information and then potentially show points on the map that would have a recharge station for the car's battery. It's not clear if there will be a similar alert for regular cars that will try to warn users that they will need to stop for gas before completing a longer trip.

It also looks like Maps might be allowing users to control how frequently updates come through for maps that are stored offline, meaning that users might be able to configure it so that offline maps which are rarely used aren't updated as regularly so that they can save on data use. GPS messages for dropped connections and reconnections also look to be on the way at some point, with a "there you are!" message being tossed out to users when the GPS is able to reconnect to a user's device. All of these features are still likely in development as they aren't available in the app yet. In regards to the changes that are available, the PiP hint essentially shows up for a few seconds after opening Maps in PiP mode, and tells you that you can drag the window down to the bottom of the screen to get rid of it. Directions are also getting a toggle for regular routes. Here, Maps will suggest routes for you to take when you ask for directions that are based on your location history, so the more you take a specific route to get somewhere you can enable this toggle so that Maps will give you these routes more often. Lastly, Indoor Maps are also a little more easy to find as they'll be available on the details page of locations that have indoor maps. So for example, if you're looking up a mall then you can go to the details page for the mall and an indoor map should b e displayed below the Questions and Answers section.

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