Firefox Focus Privacy Browser Gets URL Autocomplete Features


Firefox Focus, Mozilla's Firefox's privacy-focused sister app, is getting a substantial update intended to help users more easily access sites and content they already prefer. It accomplishes that, Mozilla says, by incorporating a brand new autocomplete feature for the URL bar. Beyond that, the browser now features the ability to add new search engines through which to perform a search. Both of those features, thankfully, were also to be implemented, according to the company without compromising on the applications well-known privacy-first features.

With regard to how it actually accomplishes those tasks, Mozilla says that has been made possible via both prepopulated and custom in-app lists that stay in the app itself. The premade list, which currently includes more than 450 web addresses is provided by Mozilla. Users will be able to add further URLs via the settings menu for the autocomplete feature. Of course, means that getting the search features up and running on a given device a bit more work, to begin with, as compared to other browsers that automatically generate autocomplete profiles. Unfortunately, that's not really avoidable since not every URL any given user might visit regularly is necessarily popular. Meanwhile, users can also add custom URLs for any site that has a search engine associated with it or built in. So the update will help users on two fronts. The first feature listed here will make it easier and faster for users to access their favorite content by simply typing in the first few characters and then hitting send. The latter feature, also found in the app's settings menu, will allow for users to have more options when it comes to how they perform searches because it won't strictly be limited now to the engines already included with the browser.

In the meantime, for those who may not already know, Firefox Focus is primarily a privacy-focused browser that boasts features such as the automatic blocking of a wide range of trackers and advertisements – as well as a slight increase to browsing speed because those web elements aren't loaded. It currently has over a million downloads on Android alone – though it is also available for iOS – and has a 4.5-star rating amongst users. It's also available in more than 27 languages, making it a reasonable option for users regardless of where they live. Of course, as one might expect with a web browser for mobile, it's also completely free to download and use. These new features have been implemented in such a way that, according to Mozilla, they don't interfere with those primary functions because they take place on the app itself and aren't sent out over the cloud or anywhere else on the web. They should also set it well apart from the majority of other similar apps on the market. So, anybody interested in checking out the newly updated browser will want to head over to the Google Play button below.


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