DROCON Is Selling A Number Of Affordable Drones Via Amazon

Are you in the market for your first drone, or perhaps a new drone? Well, if you’re looking to spend a lot of money on DJI’s drones, or something of the sort, DROCON’s drone may be the right choice for you. The DROCON-branded drones are available via Amazon.com, and we’re here to talk about some of them, just in case you’re interested. We’ll talk more about these drones here in the article, and you can find all of them linked down below, just in case you’re interested in grabbing one of them. It’s also worth noting that one of those drones is currently discounted by 38 percent, read on.

The first drone on the list down below is the DROCON Bugs 6, which is a racing drone, says the company. This drone is priced at $109.90 on Amazon, and it comes with a controller. This drone is black-colored, that’s the only color available, and it comes with a 1,300mAh battery on the inside, which can give you 10-12 minutes of battery life it seems, which should not be a problem considering this is a racing drone, not your regular drone. The second drone on the list down below is called the DROCON Blue Bugs, and this is a brushless drone which supports GoPro action cameras actually (it has an action camera slot built-in), it seems as if you can attach GoPro’s cameras to the drone. This drone will provide you with 15-20 minutes of flying time before you’ll need to recharge its battery, and the drone is currently priced at $99.99. The third drone is called the DROCON U31W Navigator, and this is a drone for kids which is priced at $89.90. This drone comes with an HD camera which can shoot HD video, and a 4GB microSD card is included in the package. This drone comes with a 'one button to take off / land option', and it has ‘beginner’ and ‘kids’ functions built-in.

The DROCON U818PLUS drone is next in line. This drone is priced at $119.99, and it also comes with a 4GB microSD card on the inside. This drone can provide you with 15 minutes of flying time, and it comes with an HD camera. The DROCON Drone X708W is a drone for beginners, says the company, and this drone is discounted from $129.99 to $79.99 at the moment. An HD camera comes with this drone as well, and the drone comes with a number of pre-installed functions. The last drone on this list is actually also the most affordable one, it’s the DROCON Scouter drone. This is a drone for kids, which is easily noticeable based on its design, and it has a unique spinning function which kids are expected to love playing with. This drone can be purchased for $49.99, and you can find its purchase link down below, along with purchase links for all the other drones we’ve mentioned.

DROCON Blue Bugs
DROCON U31W Navigator
DROCON Scouter
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