Deal: Samsung 32GB/64GB microSD Cards For $10 & $20 – 12/10/17


microSD cards are good to have if you're worried about not having enough storage for your devices internally, or if you have a device which doesn't support internal storage such as tablets. There are lots of different brands out there who produce external storage cards for use in multiple devices, and one of those brands is Samsung, a company who has become somewhat of a leader in the memory market.

Samsung's microSD cards are actually really good and normally they cost a bit more to get into one, even for the smaller amounts like the 32GB card listed here. Normally the 32GB Samsung EVO Select microSD card costs $12.99 so it's not the most expensive at full retail price, but right now Amazon has it on sale for less than it would usually cost, with the price now being brought down to just $9.99. This card has a 95MB/s read speed and a 20MB/s write speed, which means it'll be able to read all of the storage that's on the card anytime you plug it into something pretty quickly, and transferring or storing stuff on the card is pretty quick too.

In addition to the 32GB card and if the 32GB simply isn't enough for you, Samsung's 64GB EVO Select microSD card is also on sale and down from its original price of $$22.99 to just $19.99, so if you're looking to save a few bucks here you can and you'll end up getting double the storage. This is essentially the same card but it does have faster read and write speeds, with the read speed being listed at 100MB/s and the write speed being listed at 60MB/s. Just like the 32GB card it's designed to support the storage of 4K UHD video so if you tend to record video in 4K these cards are meant to store them, and both cards also come with an SD adapter so you can use them inside of devices which take the regular size SD cards, such as digital cameras, or you could simply place the microSD card inside a smartphone or tablet if your device supports external storage in the first place.

Samsung 32GB EVO Select microSD Card
Samsung 32GB EVO Select microSD Card - $9.99
Samsung 64GB EVO Select microSD Card
Samsung 64GB EVO Select microSD Card - $19.99