Best Android Apps – New Year's Resolutions – January 2017


As we're leaving 2017 behind, many of us are probably planning to change some things moving forward, and that's where New Year's resolutions come in. Some people probably decided to stop smoking in 2018, others are planning to give up alcohol, while some of you may want to lose some of that holiday weight that piled on… well, there are all types of New Year's resolutions out there, and we've decided to compile a list of apps that may be of use to you and help you with your New Year's resolutions. We were not able to cover all bases here, but for those of you who have rather simple and common New Year's resolutions, you may find some of these apps to be quite useful.

Sobriety Counter-Stop Drinking


A developer named Mario Hanna created two very similar apps, which serve similar purposes. First one of those two apps will help you stop drinking, or at least that's its purpose. This app will do its best to show you how much money you'll save if you don't spend it on booze, while it also comes with games and other features that are supposed to keep you away from booze. As you progress in the app, you will earn badges, and hopefully, stop drinking at some point.

Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free


'Stop Smoking' is Mario Hanna's other app, and similarly to the 'Sobriety Counter' app, this app is here to help you quit doing something that is bad for you. Along with some money stats, and the 'memory game' which is supposed to keep you away from cigarettes, badges are also included here, similar to the other app by Mario Hanna. This app does include ads, but it's free to use and it comes with a number of additional features, while it has a number of positive reviews in the Play Store.


Google Fit

Google Fit is Google's very own application which is supposed to help you keep track of your daily activities. If you own an Android Wear smartwatch, this app may become even more useful for you. The whole goal is for you to lose some weight, and Google Fit will do its best to keep track of your daily activities, no matter if you're walking, running, cycling or doing something else entirely.




Runtastic is yet another app that will help you with your fitness goals, especially if you're looking to get some cardio into your daily routine. No matter if you're running, jogging, biking or walking, Runtastic is a great app for keeping track of all that, while it has a GPS function built in as well. You can set various goals via the Runtastic app, and on top of everything, it comes with a really nice-looking UI which is not difficult to navigate.



In case one of your New Year's resolutions is to work on your professional life, in order to boost your career or something of the sort, creating a profile on LinkedIn may be a good idea. LinkedIn is essentially a social application, but it's meant to serve professionals connect amongst themselves, and work better as a result of it. LinkedIn is free to download and use, though it does contain ads, so keep that in mind.


Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter – MyFitness Pal is a great application if you're looking to lose some weight, or simply change your diet habits. This application contains a huge food database with over 6 million foods, while it can also scan barcodes to make things easier for you. The calorie counter is a part of this application as well, while it will allow you to track every single part of your day, as far as calorie intake is concerned. This app contains quite a few features, and it's free to use, so check it out if you're looking to lose some weight or something of the sort.

Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Are you planning to get a new job in 2018? Well, Glassdoor may be of service to you, as this app's sole purpose is to help you find a job and kickstart a career while you're at it. You will get access to various job listings, as well as company reviews and salary reports for that matter. This app can also notify you when new job openings become available for a particular listing, not to mention that the app contains various other features that you may find useful.

Monefy – Money Manager

If you think you're spending too much money on a monthly basis, and are looking to keep track of all that, well, Monefy is a great option. This application will help you keep track of every cent you spend, and it will do that with style, as the app's UI is really easy to navigate, while most other similar apps come with a ton of clutter instead. You can create your own categories in this application, though do keep in mind such features are limited in the free version of the application.

Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety

If you're feeling stressed more often than now, check out Pacifica, an app whose purpose is to calm you down. This application comes with tools designed by psychologists which are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and mood / health tracking. This app also has a mood tracking option, while you can also use it to keep a journal of your feelings, behavior, etc.


If you're looking to learn a new language maybe, as a part of your New Year's resolutions, well, look no further than Duolingo. This is one of the most popular language-learning applications out there, and for a good reason, it comes with a really nice UI, and methods using which it teaches you new languages are made for pretty much everyone, as everything starts really slow so you're able to keep up with ease. There are a ton of languages you can learn using Duolingo, and the app is free to use.

Coursera: Online courses

Coursera is yet another app that belongs to the 'education' department, and chances are most of you have already heard of this app. By using Coursera, you will gain access to more than 1,000 courses and specializations developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities all over the world. So, if you're looking to start a new job, business, or simply find a way to advance your career, Coursera is a great way to start.

Healthy Recipes & Calculator

In case you're trying to improve your eating habits, eat more healthy, well, this application may be useful to you. This app comes with a really nicely-designed UI, and it contains over 500,000 recipes that you can check out. This app will also do your best to save you some cash while at it, and it's completely free to use, all you have to do is install it and enjoy a ton of nutritious recipes, and all the features that come with the app.


Are you planning to read more in 2018? Well, Scribd is one of the first apps that come to mind, though keep in mind you'll need to pay for a membership to access a ton of content, ranging from books, audiobooks, documents, news, and magazines. Scribd, on top of everything, comes with a really clean UI, which is quite important when it comes to reading and browsing material that you're planning to read.


Plenty of people want to travel more in 2018, but they either have no money or time to do it. Well, if you managed to get the latter sorted out, the Skyscanner app can help you find the most affordable flights to certain destinations. This app is quite easy to navigate, and if you're looking to save up on an airplane ticket, this app will certainly come in useful. It's also worth noting that the app is completely free to use, though ads are present here.

Habit Tracker

Keeping track of your daily routines / habits is a really good way to spot what you'd like to change moving forward. Well, the Habit Tracker application can help you do that in the best way possible. This application will help you keep track of your schedule, and your goals as well. If you see that you're not walking enough on a daily basis, well, you can set this app to remind you to do so, and organize that in the best way possible.