Best Android Apps — Christmas — 2017

Top 15 Best Christmas Apps For Android AH

The holiday season it’s here and it’s as cheerful as ever, so hopefully you managed to catch some time off in order to spend it with your loved ones. While the final days of December are usually meant to be relaxing, a number of challenges associated with this period of the year could still present themselves but lucky for you, many of them can be overcome with the help of a convenient Android app or two. Even if your holidays are going according to the plan, there’s a handful of excellent mobile services that can help you strengthen your festive experience and make it more memorable or just assist you in other ways while you’re enjoying your free time near a Christmas tree. With that in mind, below you’ll find the 15 best Christmas-related Android apps which can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Christmas Countdown 2017


(Good) Christmas apps hardly get more simple than this one but that isn’t to say you should give Christmas Countdown 2017 a pass, especially if you have a kid that’s amused by being reminded about how many days, hours, and seconds are left until Santa’s here. As an added bonus, the app also doubles as a digital advent calendar full of surprises that gets updated on an annual basis so that there’ll be something new waiting for you every December.

Christmas Photo Frames, Effects & Cards Art


Yes, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and every other social network under the digital sun will be offering time-limited and appropriately themed AR filters, frames, and effects this holiday season or are already doing so but if you’re interested in making some more traditional-looking Christmasy photos, you’d do well to download this particular app and take advantage of its vast library of features.

Christmas Radio


Nothing gets you in the holiday mood as much as tunes of some timeless classics and that’s exactly what Hivedl’s Christmas Radio is offering. Covering everything from jazz and rock to pop and RnB, this Android app can deliver a highly authentic Christmas sound with a single tap and will serve you well whenever you need a quick dose of the holiday atmosphere.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List


Cooking may not be everyone’s favorite activity, especially in the context of the holiday season when meals are supposed to be much bigger, more carefully prepared, and feed more mouths, but everything is easier if you’re confident in what you’re doing and having a reliable recipe at hand goes a long way in such scenarios. That’s where Yummly comes in, being packed with a truly massive database of all kinds of recipes and coming with a built-in shopping list so as to facilitate the entire process of preparing a Christmas meal.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free


There are countless Chrismas-themed live wallpapers on the Google Play Store but this Jetblack Software-made creation is one of the best ones we had the pleasure of trying, being not just perfectly scalable but also highly customizable. Better yet, it’s entirely free, so it’s certainly worth giving a shot.

Learn to Draw Christmas


Regardless of whether you want to gift someone a hand-drawn Christmas card or simply want to learn how to draw a recognizable Santa with Rudolph at his side, the Internet has a wide variety of resources to teach you such basic skills, and so does the Google Play Store, especially if you opt for this Android app made by ColorJoy that’s widely regarded as one of the most intuitive mobile drawing tutorials on the market.

Christmas Greeting Cards


For all your high-quality greeting cards need this Christmas, look no further than this convenient and versatile Android app that will provide you with a plethora of designs and numerous variations of the thereof, allowing you to assemble a perfect holiday greeting card for your loved ones at no charge.

Christmas Collage Maker 🌟 New Year Photo Frame

If you’re looking to bring your greeting card or Christmas photography game to the next level, you may be interested in creating some holiday-themed collages, which is precisely where this app excels, providing you with a wide variety of choices regarding how to combine your holiday shots into memorable collections of those precious moments in your life.

Google Keep

Sure, there are literally thousands of Android apps claiming to be the ultimate mobile tools for creating and managing gift lists, but opting for any of those specialized offerings only makes sense if there’s no good universal solution on the Google Play Store. As it turns out, there is, and it’s even made by Google itself. If you aren’t already using Keep, you really owe it to yourself to give it a try, regardless of whether you need a Christmas gift list, shopping reminders, or just an intuitive and incredibly versatile note-taking tool for Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Internet browsers.

Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story With Toys & Santa

Behind this lengthy name is a relatively simple mobile game that will keep people of all ages entertained over the holiday season, coming in the form of an adorable bland of a farm management sim with excellent production values. In overall, Farm Snow offers an abundance of great fun and is worth giving a go if you’re looking for Christmas-themed Android games.


Netflix isn’t the only on-demand video streaming service on the market but it’s arguably the most comprehensive one, therefore being the best choice for people for people that want instant access to a vast library of Christmas-themed movies and TV shows to watch over the holidays. Alternatively, you can always opt for something like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, depending on where you’re located, but a video streaming app is something you’re likely to find useful over the holidays.

Christmas Ringtones

This particular app may look like it was designed in 2011 but it’s actually updated on a regular basis and at the end of the day – ringtone collections are all about the sound and not the aesthetic. In that regard, JRJ Unlimited’s Christmas Ringtones is one of the best apps there is, featuring a varied collection of tunes that will make your holiday experience more immersive every time you hear your phone ringing.

Cozi Family Organizer

With the holidays being the period of the year when your family is getting together, coordinating large groups of people may prove to be a challenge, which is exactly what the Cozi Android app will help you with once you install it. You’ll find Cozi to be pretty useful even after Christmas is over so if you have a large or uncoordinated family, this mobile service is certainly worth a try.

Santa Christmas Escape Mission

Santa Christmas Escape Mission is perhaps the most absurd holiday-themed Android game on the Google Play Store so if you’re looking to have a laugh and save Christmas while doing so, it’s a worthy mobile gaming recommendation. Taking on Grinch in this curious escape game has never been more entertaining and doing so in three dimensions should prove to be an extremely memorable experience.

Audiobooks From Audible

Possibly the only thing better than reading a book next to a fireplace on Christmas Eve is listening to a book in those very same circumstances, which is precisely what Amazon’s Audible will allow you to do with its massive library of audiobooks. Just plug in your earphones, start the playback, and focus on being as cozy as possible instead of dealing with flipping through pages.