Animal Crossing To Get Clothes Crafting & Gardening


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is finally getting the ability to craft clothing in a near future update, according to an official Twitter account maintained by Nintendo, and it will come with a special gardening space in your campsite, and a "familiar face." An in-game prompt about the update shows that each campsite will get a gardening area, where players can put down and tend to plants. The familiar face, meanwhile, is widely speculated to be series regular Rover, who is depicted in promotional art striking a pose similar to the one seen in the Tweet below. Characters bearing a similar silhouette, such as Tangy, Tabby, and Bob have also been speculated. The Tweet does not include a time frame for when the update will drop.

Since launch, players who want to craft clothing have been teased by an entry in the crafting menu for it, only to be told by tailor shop co-owner Mabel of the Abel sisters that the feature is "coming soon." This feature is previewed in the Tweet, and it seems that the clothes crafting will be formulaic and will only make fixed items, much like furniture crafting. In some entries in the series, such as the Nintendo DS version where Mabel first appeared, players can create custom patterns for their clothing, making it look however they want. It is unclear whether this feature will make a return, but the preview shown does not seem to include any menu options that would fit such an activity. This being an online game where other players will stumble randomly upon your avatar in the field, the lack of such a feature makes sense, even if it may be disappointing to some longtime fans.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp released earlier this year to a very warm reception from longtime series fans and newbies alike. The game leverages the mobile platform to bring the Animal Crossing experience online, but also suffers from the addition of micro transactions in the form of Leaf Tickets, the game's form of a special currency. Leaf Tickets can be won over time by accomplishing in-game goals, which means that those who want to experience everything can throw money at Pocket Camp like any other mobile game, or they can take a more typical approach and work steadily toward their in-game goals, like they would with any other Animal Crossing title.

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