Amazon Acquires Wireless Home Security Startup Blink

Amazon Blink Logos

Amazon acquired wireless home security startup Blink, the latter announced Friday, adding that its existing customers will be able to continue enjoying its products and services, as well as the after-sales support offered by the company. Likewise, consumers looking to acquire Blink’s home security system will still be able to do so and everyone else is now expected to be more likely to discover Blink’s offerings on their own while browsing Amazon since the e-commerce giant should soon start featuring the solution more prominently. Amazon has yet to comment on the acquisition in an official capacity and no financial details of the deal have been provided by Blink. It’s presently unclear whether Blink has already been officially absorbed by Amazon or if the transaction itself is still pending and will be completed by early 2018.

Blink got acquired after less than two years in the business, having originally introduced its wireless home security solution in early 2016 following a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised north of $1 million. The newly purchased company suggested it’s presently in the process of talking options with Amazon in regards to integrating their offerings. While Silicon Valley giants often decide on acquisitions due to highly specific goals, Amazon operates in a nearly opposite manner, with its founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos being willing to greenlight purchases even if he’s just intrigued by a startup and without having an immediate plan for creating synergies in the short term, according to previous reports. While some investors may describe such an M&A strategy as reckless, it worked well for the Seattle, Washington-based company so far, with Amazon still successfully maintaining its aggressive growth while spending within its means.

Regardless, the acquisition of Blink is understood to be indicative of the e-commerce juggernaut’s additionally growing interest in the Internet of Things market in which it already invested even more resources over the course of this year, having refreshed its lineup of Alexa-enabled Echo speakers and launched its first smart camera in the form of the Amazon Cloud Cam. Blink’s solutions are likely to soon become compatible with Amazon Key, a recently introduced delivery service that allows Amazon’s couriers to leave packages inside your house even when you’re not at home under the watchful lens of the Cloud Cam.