Alexa Can Now Play Your Favorite Twitch Streams

Alexa can now play your favorite Twitch streams so you no longer have to deal with typing and clicking to get to the Twitch website, and then find your favorite streamers or channels like a commoner. No, as long as you have an Alexa-powered smart speaker you can have Alexa do all of the work for you. Of course, not without a little bit of a setup process as you will need to configure the whole thing, though thankfully, there aren't a lot of steps to that process and once it's done there seems to be a whole lot of benefits to it, at least for those who do visit Twitch often enough and enjoy consuming the content that's available there.

The new capability is part of Twitch'es official Alexa Skill that it just launched and announced as of today, and there are some things to consider before you rush off to try this new skill out for yourself. First things first, as mentioned above users will need to go through the setup process. This will consist of going into the Alexa app on your smartphone and enabling the notifications permission for the Twitch skill. From here, anytime that a streamer or channel you follow on Twitch has a new video available or a stream that's about to begin, you can receive notifications ahead of time so you know when to tune in and when to watch.

Additionally you can also ask Alexa who is currently streaming a specific game if there is a game in particular you had in mind for watching. Above and beyond the notifications about streamers and channels, the Twtich skill also gives you a bit of discovery power in that it lets you more easily find new streamers to follow and watch, and of course it can also play your favorite channels. You can ask Alexa to list off some popular channels or streamers if you're looking for something new, though it's worth keeping in mind as well that unless you have the Echo Show you won't actually be able to watch any of these streams and will instead be limited to listening to them. In addition to all these other features, the skill will even let you know when you're able to use the rewards from your Twitch Prime subscription, so if you're big on redeeming those rewards then let Alexa keep you in the loop on when they're available.

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