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Fire Emblem Heroes brings the world-class popularity of the console franchise to mobile.

WINNER: Fire Emblem Heroes


Not everyone is into RPG games and that's perfectly fine but this RPG is the Best Game Of 2017, and there's no denying that Nintendo's first true game on Android (we won't count the Miitomo app because that wasn't really a game), Fire Emblem Heroes, is a breakout hit. It was popular from the very beginning as it was well-received even directly after the launch, and it has remained one of the most popular Android games of today. It has a 4.6 star rating on the Play Store and it has between one million and five million installs, as well as over 264,000 five-star reviews and ratings for an overwhelmingly positive response to the game. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise as the game does come from Nintendo, a name that has been in the gaming industry since the early 80s and is known for their fun, high-quality game content. The game features a well-written and engaging story and a large cast of characters to get familiar with, and that mixed with the action-packed tactical combat and its extreme popularity make this the best game of the year.

If you're a fan of tactical combat, Fire Emblem Heroes has loads of it and it can get more and more challenging the further into the game that you get. Part of the tactical combat comes from the different decisions you make on where to move your characters, which can make all the difference in winning or losing because one wrong move and you could end up on the receiving end of a sword. Other elements need to be taken into account too, such as which characters you're going into battle with for each match. This is a big deal because each character will have different stats and different attacks to use much like in any other RPG. Certain characters will be better suited based on their attack abilities so you'll want to look at what each character can do. All your characters (and enemies) will also have a color associated with them, and certain colors are stronger against others. For instance, blue element characters will be stronger against red element characters, while green element characters will be stronger than blue element characters. You can see which enemies have which color on each map, so plan accordingly.

In addition to the quite long story mode where you play single player matches to go through the campaign, Fire Emblem Heroes offers other play modes to enjoy as well. If you pride yourself on competitive play then you might really enjoy the Arena Duels, which pits you against other players from around the globe. Another mode is the training mode and, while this isn't going to result in any real game progression in the scheme of things, you will want to utilize this as it will help you train your heroes for fights in story mode or any other. When it comes down to it, Fire Emblem Heroes has loads of content and its a free game, and although there are in-app purchases they don't feel required to move beyond certain points in the game, so this is a huge plus. If you haven't already given the game a try, you should, as it's loads of fun.


Runner-Up: Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is an amazing game and one that everyone should definitely experience if they enjoy puzzle games. This is more than just a puzzle game though as it blends together the challenges of puzzle solving with the immersive nature of the ambient music and the beautifully designed backgrounds and levels which you explore as you play and progress through the game. There is also a little bit of a story to follow to help tie everything together so it doesn't feel stagnant, as the story actually helps add to the elements of fun. Monument Valley 2 has only been out for a couple of months on Android and already it's gained a pretty huge following thanks to the popularity of the first game, and eventually it's download and install base will grow. Moreover, ustwo games will end up adding more content to it through updates, most likely, and this will mean more levels to play through and an extension of the story. This is also an entirely new game with a separate story from the original title, so if you've never played the first Monument Valley, not to worry, as you won't need to have played it to understand what's happening here. While this is bound to go on sale at some point, if you don't mind paying full cost, and you shouldn't as the game is worth it, then you can grab Monument Valley 2 from the button below.

Honorable Mention:  Words With Friends 2


This is the newest game on this list but still worthy of a nod. Words With Friends 2 follows in the footsteps of the first game which launched years ago and was made popular first on Facebook before making the jump to mobile. This second title in the series makes things even more interesting and fun by introducing a slew of new boosts to use during your matches which just might help you come out on top. In addition to the new boosts, you can play in lightning rounds and compete against other players if you feel like you can win, and there's even a training mode so you can hone your vocabulary skills before taking on opponents. If you've played the first Words With Friends then you should already know what the gameplay will be like for the most part with the follow up title, though there are 50,000 new words which have been added into this game so you'll have even more chances to score points based on played words. If you're feeling particularly well-versed in the ways of words, give this a game a shot and see how many you can put down.

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