Uber Rating System Is Changing To Promote Fairness & Transparency

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In an effort to improve the overall experience for both its customers and its drivers, Uber has officially announced a new rating system designed to offer more detailed information. The new system is part of the company’s 180 Days of Change campaign, which aims to rebuild its image and reputation after a series of scandals and legal issues that took a heavy toll. The new rating process is just the latest in this campaign, and it should significantly help drivers who frequently get negative reviews. At the same time, customers looking to get a better idea of what’s on the table now have more detailed reviews to support each claim.

The new rating system aims to promote fairness for both riders and drivers, and make the whole process more transparent so that everyone understands what it’s about. Most notably, the riders who want to give their driver a poor rating will now have to add more details to explain why. This way, drivers can get more information and better understand what they did wrong to deserve a poor rating, while other riders can get more information and context about a driver’s rating and reputation. The changes will start rolling out in the next few days and by December, Uber customers who give their driver a rating below five stars will be required to detail why.

If riders are giving drivers poor ratings for reasons that are not the driver’s fault, such as GPS problems or busy traffic, the rating will no longer have a toll on the driver’s reputation. Moreover, Uber will no longer take into account feedback from riders who often give ratings below five stars. The company says that it decided to make some changes because its drivers said the old rating system could sometimes be unfair and they would be poorly rated for things beyond their control. With this new rating system in place, it should be easier for drivers to maintain a high overall rating and it should make riders think twice before giving poor ratings. In addition to these changes, Uber is also introducing new in-app descriptions designed to better illustrate the quality of service corresponding to each star.