The Vive Arts Program Will Bring VR Content To Museums

HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap AH NS 09

The Vive Arts Program will bring VR content to museums around the globe. Today HTC‘s Vive team announced officially that it would be launching the Vive Arts program as an initiative to help fund the installation of VR content and further advance the “creation and appreciation” of arts and culture as well as help educate people more on those subjects. The start of this new initiative begins with London’s Tate Modern art gallery, where the company will be working with Tate Modern to showcase a more up close and personal look at the world of the artist Modigliani that will be the focus of the exhibition, which will take place on November 23rd.

HTC’s Vive team will be introducing the hardware needed to catch a virtual glimpse into the life of Modigliani at the exhibition on the above-mentioned date, but it will also be offering the opportunity to see the content from around the globe for those that have their own HTC Vive headsets, thanks to the Viveport adaption of the experience. This means that anyone who is particularly interested in checking out this unique art experience but can’t make it to London to see things in person won’t have to be left out.

HTC Vive is looking to work with more museums and content creators to offer new looks at their works of art, and the good news for Vive headset owners is that there are already over a dozen different Vive Arts experiences in Viveport to check out and are accessible as of today, giving people a jump start on what sort of content people can expect from the Vive Arts program moving forward. This new initiative helps to put even more focus on the arts and in a way that many people may have never experienced them before, but it’s not the first time that the HTC Vive team has worked with organizations in this particular space, as it’s cultured partnerships with multiple museums and art institutions since Vive launched, including London’s Royal Academy of Arts, Taipei’s National Palace Museum, Washington D.C’s Newseum, and a handful of other similar institutions from around the world, with the Tate Modern Art gallery simply being the latest. Those interested in checking out what Vive Arts already has to offer can head over to Viveport now to dive in.