Tello Black Friday Sale Includes More Data For Less, Phone Discounts

Tello Black Friday Sale 01

If you are in the market for a new wireless plan then it is worth taking a moment to consider an MVNO. Not only do MVNOs offer good value for money but they also make use of the same networks offered by the larger and more often noted major wireless carriers in the US. Take for example Tello. This MVNO offer great value wireless plans and provides its service off of Sprint’s network. Speaking of Tello, the MVNO has now announced a number of new deals and promotions just in time for the Black Friday sales weekend. Making now a great time to consider switching. Tello is all about keeping things simple and when it comes to its data plans it offers consumers the option to customize their own plan so they can get exactly the amount of data they need for the price they want to pay. However, as part of the Black Friday celebrations Tello is offering consumers the option of a limited edition plan. Here is the deal – buy 5GB data and get an additional 5 GB data for free. So once signed up customers will get 10GB data per month for the price of 5GB. In other words, 10GB data for only $45 per month.

Of course a new data plan is not much good without a smartphone to take advantage of that data and on that note Tello has also now discounted a number of its smartphones for Black Friday. The selection of reduced priced products is extensive so it is worth checking out all of the on sale items for more details. To sum up though, most of the products are discounted by as little as $20 and as much as $80 which is a pretty good saving off prices that are designed to be affordable in the first place. Take the Samsung Galaxy S5 for example. The Galaxy S5 can usually be picked up through Tello for only $239 although that price has now been cut by an extra $80 as part of the savings event. It is worth keeping in mind that these savings are limited-time deals however, with all of the special offer products due to remain at their current low price until Sunday, November 26, 2017.

One thing to keep in mind about Tello, is that switching to Tello is very easy to do. All the plans offered by the MVNO are prepaid plans and so there are no contracts in place. Which mean there are no additional fees to worry about, including early termination fees, or activation fees. So whether you opt for the limited time 5+5GB deal or decide on customizing your own data allowance to match your specific needs, you can expect the same ease of setup and service. Not to mention, all of this can be done online and without having to deal with all the usual downsides of the in-store Black Friday experience.